Disney’s Star Wars Land Might Have A Jedi Academy

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Star Wars LandWhen Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in October, they didn’t spend $4.4 billion just to make a new Star Wars sequel trilogy. Disney thinks about the big picture, and Star Wars: Episode VII is just a good start. There have been rumors about a possible Star Wars Land theme park opening at Disney World in Orlando, Florida for some time, which would fully expand Disney’s reach into the Star Wars Universe. Now some possible details have leaked.

According to Comic Book Movie‘s inside sources, Disney is slowly making changes to their Disney World theme park to make way for more Star Wars-centric attractions and entertainment. It seems as if Disney will incorporate some Star Wars Weekends events into a permanent attraction for park guests. Read the short list of changes below:

  • A indoor Jedi Training Academy will be at the ABC Sound Studio.
  • The Backlot Express is being converted into a Star Wars-themed ride aimed for younger children who don’t make the height requirement on the Star Tours ride.

It’s no surprise that Disney will make most of the Star Wars attractions kid friendly. After all, Disney World is a family theme park. But it will be curious to think what other Star Wars rides and attractions could be added to the rumored Star Wars Land. Wouldn’t you like to take a picture with Jar-Jar Binks on the Naboo Planet Core Ride? It will also be interesting to see what sort of things guests could do in the “Jedi Academy.” [Maybe a tiny green man will climb onto your back and berate you while you try to levitate a rock? — Ed.]

A few months ago, Disney sent out some surveys for park guests to note whether or not they would be interested in more Star Wars attractions at Disney World. Many people feel Star Wars is quickly taking over Tomorrowland, so it would be a good idea for Disney to dedicate a stand-alone section of the park to that “galaxy far, far away.”

Other rumored additions to Disney World include Cars Land, Pixar Place, and The Muppets 3D attraction. The Mos Eisley Cantina wasn’t mentioned by Comic Book Movie’s inside sources, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be featured in a potential Star Wars Land.

Star Wars Land is rumored to open at Disney World in 2018.

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