Disney Is Surveying People About A Star Wars Theme Park

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


When Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in October, they said they would deliver Star Wars: Episode VII to theaters in 2015, but Disney didn’t spend $4.05 billion just to revive the Star Wars movie franchise. They have big plans to implement Star Wars in every facet of Disney culture. Could Disneyland open a Star Wars-centric theme park called “Star Wars Land?”

According to /Film, it appears the Mouse House is exploring the possibilities. Disney is apparently surveying park guests to gauge interest in opening a section of Disneyland that would be completely devoted to the Star Wars universe. /Film found some threads on the Disneyland message board MiceChat, and a few Tweets to accompany these claims. Read the tweets below:



So a possible Star Wars Land may open in Disneyland to compliment Tomorrowland. The Star Wars universe is already all over Disneyland and Disney World with the ride Star Tours (which is in Tomorrowland) and various Disney characters like Mickey Mouse dressed like a Jedi Knight running around the theme park, so it would seem fitting to open a stand-alone section of the park devoted to Star Wars. There’s even a Star Wars Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which conducts big events like the Jedi Training Academy.

Nevertheless, Disney has plans to expand the Star Wars brand, not only in movies and TV, but also in pop culture. There were even fan renderings of what a potential Star Wars-centric theme park might look like, complete with the Jedi Temple, Cloud City Amphitheater, and Chewie’s Barbeque.