Liquor Bottle Laser Fireball Funtime!

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Though liquor isn’t the mysterious elixir of the gods that it was once thought to be, it’s still pretty fucking awesome. It’s held in high esteem here at GFR, or at least by me it is, as I was too drunk to hear or see what any of my fellow writers had to say about it. But once the prize is gone, what of the glass bottle that held it? If you said, “Laser rockets!” then you probably read the headline.

Laser and general experiment enthusiast WorldScott took a bunch of liquor bottles and used one of Wicked Lasers’ 100mW Spyder III Krypton lasers — which rolls off the tongue so easily after a drink or four — to ignite black flash paper inserted partway into each bottle. The result is a nifty vertical flare above the bottle, and a Hellish fireball on the inside, accompanied by a zippered whistle. Expect and appreciate lots of extreme slo-mo. Check the video below and try to convince me that the slowed-down whistle sounds aren’t really an arsonist demon trying to convince me to burn down the neighborhood.

You know what I respect? Using one bottle to show us how it happens, and then immediately jumping to 10 bottles. None of that weak, three-in-a-row business. It’s double digits or nothing.

If you’re interested in seeing a triple-digit laser experiment from last year involving 100 balloons and a lot of popping, I might know a guy who knows something about that.