Ghostbusters, Mr. Hyde, Godzilla, And More Glow In The Dark For Fantastic Gallery Exhibit

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

slimer ghostbustersI spend roughly 24 hours of every day wishing that I had unlimited funds to spend on whatever I want, and rarely does that feeling get more intense than when I start looking at photo galleries of pop culture-related art. The Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY is currently featuring one of the sweetest exhibits I’ve ever seen with “When the Lights Go Out 2,” which started on March 22 and runs through April 9. While it won’t actually add to your enjoyment to turn out the lights while you look at these on a computer or phone, it might make you feel more like a part of the exhibit itself.

Not only do these pieces in this collection depict a wide range of amazing work dedicated to film and TV, but they all glow in the dark. Some use this to great effect and change the image completely. I don’t think I have to tell you what glows in the picture above, titled “He’s an Ugly Lil’ Spud” from artist Mark Lone. For such a dumb ghost, Slimer sure is…bright.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other expertly crafted goodies the gallery has to offer. Unless otherwise noted, these prints are all available for purchase and are required decoration for your home. Even the worst one is worth more than my Slimer joke.

Below you’ll see Matthew Ferguson’s Doctor Who-themed “Dr. Who,” Neal Russler’s “The Bride,” and Orlando Arocena’s “Deco-POP-Zilla.”

doctor who

bride of frankenstein

godzillaI would put that Godzilla image over someone’s bed while they sleep and use their horrified waking screams as my own personal lullaby.

Now you can get optical with Adventure Time and Chucho Calderon’s “Optical Time – Finn,” and try not to lose yourself in these visually stimulating odes to The Fifth Element from Paul Ainsworth and They Live from Kyle Crawford. Might I suggest chewing on some bubble gum while you look, unless you’re all out.

adventure time

fifth element
they liveThe Azrael Group even created a series of Ouija boards for Alien, Ghostbusters, Jumanji, and The Birds. I never thought about having a movie-themed Ouija board before, but now I want all of them all.

alien ouija boardAnd finally, my favorite of the bunch, Carlos Angeli’s “The Doctor,” which uses the glow-in-the-dark gimmick in the most relevant way. And it’s only thirty bucks, you’re welcome, Whovians.

dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

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