The Last Of Us Remake Is Happening

The Last Of Us is one of Sony's universally acclaimed exclusives, which scored incredibly high ratings with the audience, aggregators, reviewers, and critics.

By Jason Collins | Published

The last of us remake

The Last Of Us is one of Sony’s universally acclaimed exclusives, which scored incredibly high ratings with the audience, aggregators, reviewers, and critics. The PlayStation 3 release and its Remastered edition for PS4 both placed AS the fifth- and the third-highest-rated game respectively, warranting a PS5 release, and The Last Of Us remake is happening.

According to IGN, Sony studios are working on a The Last Of Us remake, but the surrounding circumstances have caused turbulence in Sony’s smaller studios. Apparently, the said turbulence is caused by PlayStation’s senior leadership’s obsession with critical and commercial hits, which prompted them to shift things around, much to Sony’s smaller studios’ dissatisfaction. From what we can tell, The Last Of Us remake was started by Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group, which traditionally assists with PlayStation games development, but was later given to the Naughty Dog, the title’s original developer.

The Visual Arts Service Group (VASG) initially took on a PS5 remake of the 2013’s title with approval. Still, it was later met with budget constraints and decreasing support from the PlayStation’s executives, who deemed the project too expensive at the time. They were relegated to support Naughty Dog in the development of already delayed The Last Of Us Part II for PlayStation 4, which was another massive hit in the franchise.

The last of us
Scene from The Last Of Us

After the sequel’s release, Sony moved several Naughty Dog developers onto The Last Of Us remake project, codename T1X, which effectively made it into Naughty Dog’s project. As a result, the founder of VASG and several original developers left Sony altogether; luckily, The Last Of Us remake’s development is uninterrupted. However, this isn’t the only example of dissatisfaction Sony caused within the same string of decisions. One of Sony’s first-party video game developers, Sony Bend, got hit as well after a failed Days Gone 2 pitch.

Sony rejected a pitched sequel to 2019’s Days Gone title and gave Sony Bend the VASG treatment, relegating them to a support role in two Naughty Dog projects – a multiplayer game and a new Uncharted project. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with the studio’s leadership and staff, prompting some of them to leave the company. The remaining crew asked to be taken off the Uncharted project, and Sony granted them their wish, dividing the team into two segments: first to assist Naughty Dog with a multiplayer game, and the second to develop a new title. It’s improbable that they’re working on Days Gone 2 due to the game’s mixed reviews, but who knows? Everything’s possible.

The Last of Us is currently available on PlayStation 5 via PS4 backward compatibility, with slight improvements in graphics and better overall performance. However, without a release date, the game remains far from its full next-gen remaster. Its timing could precede the release of The Last Of Us HBO series, which is likely to release in the latter part of 2022, with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as the story’s protagonists.