The Best Superhero Series Becoming A Video Game?

Invincible creator Robert Kirkman says development on a video game is in progress.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Following the franchise’s crossover with the Fall Guys video game and news about its live-action adaptation, the Invincible superhero series might actually become a game in its own right. The franchise co-creator Robert Kirkman has opened up more about the future of the animated franchise, especially when it comes to video games. Admittedly, the Invincible game was previously teased in 2022, but this is actually the first time we heard one of the creatives talk about it.

According to ComicBook, Kirkman stated that Skybound Entertainment’s plans for the series are pretty wide-ranging when it comes to gaming. The co-creator didn’t dive into specifics but has indicated that anything is possible. This encapsulates a dedicated AAA gaming title and crossovers with prominent battle-royale platforms, such as Fortnite—which was charged a ridiculous sum for its privacy breaches.

However, none of these plans are actually set in stone, so nobody actually knows how the end result will turn out. Kirkman stated that the gaming plans for Invincible are all-encompassing but that they’re probably still years away. He also toyed with the fandom’s hearts by stating that all of that eventually may not come to pass and that some of their gaming-related plans might die before taking their first breath.

Whatever happens, he promised to make the fans of the series happy once everything comes together. Pretty vague, to be sure, but that’s about the best we can get at the moment, considering that there’s no news regarding active development. So, take all information with a grain of salt.

Besides, given the current situation in the gaming market, Kirkman, Walker, Ottley (the co-creators), and Skybound Entertainment should choose the potential Invincible game developer/publisher carefully. Marvel, and by extension Disney, made a horrible choice by signing Square Enix as the publisher for 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers—the game’s lackluster launch led to a loss in player counts from which the title never recuperated. Subsequently, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix’s first-party studio and developer of Marvel’s Avengers, just recently announced its plans to pull the plug on the game.

We wouldn’t like any gaming release to suffer the same fate as Marvel’s Avengers. The game had so much potential to become a massive hit, and it’s the same thing with the Invincible—it’s massively popular right now, almost 20 years after it was birthed into the world, and a good chunk of the fandom would be wholly disappointed if the potential game turned out to be a massive gaming flop driven by nothing else but the developer/publisher’s overaccentuated monetization efforts and tactics.

As stated, Invincible turned 20 just recently, and the franchise celebrated its anniversary with a Fall Guys crossover. The franchise remained largely undetected by mainstream audiences until Amazon Prime Video decided to launch the series’ first season. Needless to say, the series was a massive success which introduced the franchise to a wider audience, prompting Amazon to commission the making of a second season, which is supposed to drop sometime this year.

In fact, many have interpreted the aforementioned crossover between Fall Guys and Invincible as a sign that the series’ development is in “good health.” In conclusion, while there is some active development behind the franchise, the news regarding the Invincible games should be taken with a grain of salt, as there’s still no active development on any gaming titles tied to the franchise.