Star Wars Eclipse Details Leaked

We are now getting information about Star Wars: Eclipse with the details around the game leaked. It's shaping up to be a crazy game

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Quantic Dream certainly has their hands full, given the current boycotting of their recently announced Star Wars: Eclipse and the information leak, which offers insight into what the game might look like once it’s released. And truthfully, if the information proves true, those who choose to play the game are in for a treat.

Twitter user AccNGT just leaked new information regarding the Star Wars: Eclipse video game after releasing the game’s images ahead of its official reveal, as reported by ComicBook. According to AccNGT, the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse is an open-world action-adventure with interactive storytelling elements including multiple playable characters — much like Quantic Dream’s previously made games. In addition, the leaker has added that Star Wars: Eclipse is a very ambitious game with an original story that apparently looked towards The Last of Us for inspiration. Supposedly, the game has been in the works for 18 months now, using the studio’s proprietary engine known for its visual fidelity rather than its gameplay mechanics.

It’s worth pointing out that none of this has been officially confirmed by Lucasfilm Games or Quantic Dream, so we would prescribe a grain of salt with every bite of unofficial information. From what we previously gathered, Star Wars: Eclipse is set in the High Republic era, with gameplay that accentuates players’ choice as the heart of the experience, just like any other Quantic Dream game, including the PlayStation exclusive trio: Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, and Detroit: Become Human. Unfortunately, there’s still no word of a release window, let alone a release date. Of course, no release platforms have been mentioned either, and given the studio’s exclusive relationship with PlayStation, it’s quite reasonable to expect the game on a newly colored PS5. However, it’s a former exclusive relationship, and Quantic Dream is now allowed to see other platforms, so PC and Xbox Series X/S releases are more than likely to happen.

The Star Wars: Eclipse‘s previously released trailer showcased all the familiar elements of the Star Wars universe like numerous alien species, droids, speeder bikes, Jedi, and tons of explorable material scattered around the Outer Rim. It also featured some previously unseen elements, like new alien species, in an uncharted section of the galaxy rife with political tension that could affect the peace. Star Wars: Eclipse already sounds like an adventure.

Unfortunately, we don’t know just how long we’ll have to wait for Star Wars: Eclipse. Given the current turn of events and the boycott of the game, Quantic Dream will have to work on its marketing skills as well, considering that several publications already announced that they wouldn’t be covering the game.

Luckily, Star Wars: Eclipse isn’t the only Star Wars game in development — several game publishers and developers had got their hand on the license when Electronic Arts lost exclusivity to the gaming segment of the franchise. And for the better, competition is always a good driving force that directs gaming companies towards high-quality releases, so we can expect multiple titles across several genres. Things go wrong if left unchallenged — Rockstar Games’ release of GTA: The Trilogy, and Electronic Arts’ release of Battlefield 2042 are prime examples.