See Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Turned Into A Nintendo 64 Game

By the Prophets!

By Jason Collins | Published

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Star Trek franchise has quite the peculiar history with video games because it managed to launch successful titles in genres it arguably shouldn’t, while at the same time never managing to reach stardom in the genres it should. Of course, there are over a dozen fantastic Star Trek games released over the past decade or two, and there were some flops along the way as well. Now, a fan-made animation reimagines one of the greatest entries in the franchise, Deep Space Nine, as a Nintendo 64 video game. You can watch animation below, followed by the original intro for comparison.

This new bit of amazing content comes from a Twitter user @SpinaSanctury and showcases a hypothetical screen for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine video game if it was released for Nintendo 64. As seen from the Tweet above, the animation matches the show’s evocative intro, complete with a 64-bit rendition of the series’ main theme, composed by Dennis McCarthy. It also includes the opening comet and the various glances of the DS9 state, as well as the appearance of the wormhole accompanying the title reveal.

It isn’t difficult for retro-gaming fans of Deep Space Nine to imagine how the game could’ve looked and played, and the narrative is so vast that it could easily fit several gaming titles across different genres. It can easily be a first-person shooter, like Star Trek: Elite Force 2, which was admittedly released in the post-N64 gaming era, or perhaps a starship strategy game set during the Dominion War — mimicking the playstyle of 2003’s Homeworld 2, or later-released Battlefield Gothic: Armada.

Whatever it might’ve been, Deep Space Nine demake into an N64 game looks incredibly fun. Gaming demakes, mods, and full fan-made games of N64 console, like the previously mentioned Metroid64 game, are gaining a lot of attention recently as the retro gaming scene continues to grow, offering a unique insight into a nostalgic, comforting, and joyous gaming experience that retro games had to offer to players, long before microtransaction ruined gaming and gaming competitiveness by offering pay-to-win options — we’re looking at your EA and Blizzard.

For those that aren’t acquainted with the Deep Space Nine series, it’s the fourth series in the Star Trek media franchise, which originally aired in syndicated form from 1993 to 1999, spanning 176 episodes over seven seasons. The narrative of the series was set in the 24th century, centered around the eponymous space station, located to the adjacent wormhole connecting Federation space to the Gamma Quadrant on the far side of our Galaxy.

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While it was the first series to be created without the involvement of Gene Roddenberry and one set on a space station rather than a traveling scientific vessel, Deep Space Nine became one of the most beloved entries in the entire franchise, overshadowed only by Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, despite being poorly promoted by Paramount, the series continued to perform better than its sister series, Star Trek: Voyager. Besides being one of the best series in the Star Trek franchise, Deep Space Nine also inspired a series of tie-in comics and video games, which continued the crew’s adventures long after the series had ended.