An Elden Ring Player Just Did The Unthinkable

An Elden Ring player named GinoMachino beat every boss in the game without taking a single hit.

By Jason Collins | Published

Apparently, some gamers think that FromSoftware’s Elden Ring isn’t difficult enough, so they challenge themselves with goals the rest of the gaming community believes are unthinkable. According to IGN, a gamer with the handle of GinoMachino managed to do just that, as he beat every boss in the game without being hit once. Considering that the majority of the gaming community didn’t even complete Elden Ring’s tutorial, this feat is actually more impressive than the previously reported no-hit/no-damage run.

Twitch streamer and Elden Ring challenge runner GinoMachino completed all 165 boss battles in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring game without being hit once. This also includes the infamous Melania, who was killed by a living gaming legend a couple of months ago, whose in-game character relied on trusty katanas, a pot for a helmet, and nature’s pajamas for his armor. As for GinoMachino’s impressive run, the streamer took two months to meticulously plan the in-game route for his no-hit run before completing the challenge a couple of days ago.

elden ring melania
Elden Ring’s Malenia

No-hit runs are notoriously difficult in games that aren’t as difficult and complex as Elden Ring, as they imply a complete restart of the game in case of a single scratch from the in-game boss. This makes GinoMachino’s successful run even more impressive, as he managed to complete the entire challenge in just under 9 hours while streaming on Twitch. After he successfully completed the challenge, the streamer stated that he wasn’t overly confident in achieving this goal. He also greeted some of his colleague no-hit runners in a Tweet embedded above.

Besides taking two months of planning, the entire “project” took significantly more time, as it also involved research, practice, testing out different approaches and tactics, as well as optimizing the character builds. In fact, GinoMachino announced his run on March 7, just mere days after the game was released, and seven months later, the streamer delivered exactly what he promised. Additionally, he also tacked various other Elden Ring challenges, as he became the only person to complete the game using nothing but bare fists.

FromSoftware’s games are known for being difficult to play and beat, but beating the game without using any weapons is beyond impressive. Especially since the battle with the Fire Giant took five hours of punching to complete, this leads us to the conclusion that completing challenges isn’t just about the gamers’ skills. Patience is also a very desirable trait, especially since you’re always one button press away from either smashing the controller or calmly starting over.

Gamers, modders, and streamers continue finding new and exciting ways to play Elden Ring, which remains one of the top-played titles this year. The game is one of the fan-favorite candidates for game of the year across multiple metrics, and it’s scheduled to receive a DLC in the future, which is rumored for the first half of 2023. Until that happens, gamers and streamers such as GinoMachino will continue challenging themselves with interesting new ways to defeat the notoriously difficult game and its numerous bosses.