Elden Ring Just Announced An Exciting DLC Adventure

Shadow of the Erdtree is the new DLC adventure for Elden Ring.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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A year has passed since Elden Ring, 2022’s Game of the Year, was released, and in that time, it received several updates. For some of those updates, it was necessary to break the game before its developer could fix it, but eventually, everything functioned as it should. However, the game never received an official DLC pack of any sort. The DLC previously leaked some eight months ago, but it never saw the light of day. Well, that’s about to change since From Software officially announced the DLC titled Shadow of the Erdtree.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Elden Ring will receive an addition that’s much bigger than the previously introduced Colosseum Update. From Software announced the DLC in a tweet, stating that the expanding content is officially under development. As far as we know, thanks to the previously leaked content, the DLC has been in development behind closed doors for quite some time now. However, the official announcement is reassuring to the fandom that the game is receiving new content from its developers, not just the game’s modding community.

Unfortunately, the development team behind Elden Ring and its upcoming DLC didn’t share when the gaming community might expect Shadow of the Erdtree to release, but we know it will be available for both previous- and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as on PC via Steam. However, the studio did promise to keep the fandom updated on the development of the DLC, so we can all hope for more details about the game sooner rather than later.

With everything said, the Elden Ring DLC is one of the most hotly-anticipated contents for a number of reasons—just like the base game was. It’s supposed to continue the narrative of Elden Ring, which has been a massive success, having sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. It broke several records, gave rise to some players who attained legendary status, and broke From Software’s habit of releasing a DLC within the first year of the game’s launch.  

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As stated above, besides the official announcement, From Software didn’t share any other information regarding the DLC, so the story or content it might introduce remains a total mystery. However, considering just how dense the lore of Elden Ring is, even the minute details regarding the DLC are bound to cause waves of speculations about the game’s upcoming content—at least, it will make content creators busier.

Elden Ring managed to create a whole new community of gamers who dedicate weeks and months of their lives to the game, studying how to play it more effectively. In fact, some gamers even came up with a player build that allows them to kill Elden Beast, the game’s final boss, in a matter of seconds. Others dedicated their time to performing no-hit/no-damage runs and speed runs, often doing what the gaming community believed was unthinkable.

At least Elden Ring: The Shadow of the Erdtree will provide those gamers with additional challenges, at least while they don’t complete the game. And while the details about the upcoming DLC remain scarce, we’ll keep the readership updated with the freshest news as soon as they come to light.