The Worst Spider-Man Suit Chosen By Fans

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Since dropping on shelves and digital vendors just a little over one week ago, Sony’s PlayStation 5 game, Spider-Man 2 has been all that Spidey fans and gamers can talk about. Unfortunately, one of the heroes’ costumes is getting extra chat time for all the wrong reasons with players not so sold on a look belonging to Miles Morales. In a batch of Reddit posts, users put their opinions on the table, not afraid to hold back.

Miles Morales’ Evolved Suit In Spider-Man 2 Is Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen

To be fair, the Spider-Man suit in question is pretty out there and definitely a gigantic step away from what fans have ever seen before – and not in a good way. Doing our beloved Miles Morales incredibly dirty, the look, dubbed the Evolved Suit, is a fresh-to-the-game costume that puts the character’s hair on display as it juts out of the top of his hood and mask combo.

He also has some vibrant Adidas tennies on that match the light blue, red, and black of the suit, but it’s the overly white part of the shoe that makes them stick out like a sore thumb.

Many Gamers Are Unhappy With Miles Look In Spider-Man 2

Pointing out their distaste for Miles’ eye-catching shoes, Ganzo786 wrote, “The shoes just don’t do it for me,” a sentiment echoed by many other Spider-Man 2 players. Pointing out that the game’s creators didn’t need to take it this far, DOMINUS_3 agrees with their fellow player that the shoes on Miles’ Evolved Suit are just too much. They add that the original suit did the young hero much more justice adding that the fit, “still had sneaks but they were sewed in & blended.”

For other Spider-Man 2 gamers, it’s the mask that ensures they’ll never use this costume. Although it’s cool to see Miles’ hair sticking out of the top of the mask, Ebin_Gamerlol says that the artist’s design makes it look like the character has “a Lego piece” popping out of his head. Piggybacking off both the shoes and the hair, user euthanizemeok made the very fair point that “Anyone Miles knows, especially in his school, will immediately recognize that he’s Spider-Man.”

Spider-Man 2 Offers Plenty Alternative Suit Options

The good news is that Spider-Man 2 players will never need to don this disappointing costume should they not want to as the game has somewhere around 70 options of Spidey outfits. Both Peter Parker and Mile Morales have plenty of swag to choose from as they take to the mean streets of New York City to fight crime.

From comic book-accurate renditions to creations from the brains behind Insomniac Games (Spider-Man 2’s developer), players have a chance to try on a multitude of threads that best fit their personalities. 

Spider-Man 2 Features Favorites Like Kraven And Venom

A single-player game, Spider-Man 2 is the third installment to come from Marvel’s Spider-Man series, giving fans a chance to play as Peter Parker or Miles Morales as the duo teams up to fight baddies including Kraven the Hunter and Venom. While Miles may be dealing with keeping his secret from his loved ones and the other students at his school, Peter is fighting off the symbiote known as Venom which has leeched onto the hero and is tearing apart his personal relationships. 

Spider-Man 2 Is The Fastest Selling Game From PlayStation

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Already one of the biggest games to break through, Spider-Man 2 sold over 2.5 million copies in just one day. Despite Miles’ Evolved Suit, fans are still loving the game and the web-slinging adventures that come along with it.

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