The Walking Dead’s Best Friendships, Ranked

By Rick Gonzales | Published

The Walking Dead's Best Friendships

The Walking Dead had a very impressive 11-season run that followed a group of survivors as a zombie apocalypse descended upon the world. Obviously, zombies were a big part of the series, as were the numerous villains seen throughout the series, but it was the bonds forged by these survivors that became the true heart of The Walking Dead.

Some friendships lasted the entire run of the series, while others (just as strong), were cut short for one reason – death. We have come up with eight of the strongest friendships developed in The Walking Dead.

8. Maggie and Jesus

Who remembers Jesus? There was much promise when Tom Payne’s Jesus was introduced in a big way in The Walking Dead season 6 premiere. After his rough introduction to both Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), Jesus becomes part of the group. As Maggie (Lauren Cohan) takes over The Hilltop, Jesus becomes her right-hand man. As time passed, their friendship became stronger and stronger as his respect for her was clearly evident. Jesus was the only person Maggie was comfortable enough to open up to, as he found her the only one he could trust.

7. Michonne and Carl

In The Walking Dead, this was an unexpected friendship that blossomed after Carl (Chandler Riggs) lost his mother as she gave birth to Judith. Eventually, Michonne (Danai Gurira) turned into a motherly figure to Carl, and their bond is based on trust. They saw eye-to-eye on the harsh realities of the zombie apocalypse and most times, agreed on how to deal with them.

6. King Ezekiel and Jerry

When The Walking Dead’s fans were introduced to Ezekiel (Khary Payton), they saw his strong presence, accompanied by his pet tiger Shiva as the ultimate in leadership. The one man who truly respected Ezekiel was Jerry (Cooper Andrews), his right-hand man. Jerry would do anything, even give his life, for Ezekiel, but what made their friendship real was when Ezekiel lost Shiva. Jerry was there to show Ezekiel that it was him and not his King Ezekiel character that made him such a strong leader.

5. Connie and Daryl

Could it have gone romantic? Possibly. But for better or worse, Daryl’s The Walking Dead friendship with the deaf Connie (Lauren Ridloff) was just that, even though the two did enjoy a flirtatious moment or two. Everyone knows that Daryl is more of the silent-but-deadly type, a man who prefers little conversation. With Connie, though, Daryl began to soften, even to the point where he learned sign language to communicate. When that didn’t work, Daryl turned to writing notes.

4. Eugene and Abraham

No doubt The Walking Dead’s Eugene (Josh McDermitt) was one strange cat. He rubbed many the wrong way and none more so than Abraham Ford. Their unlikely friendship was forged as Eugene constantly looked toward Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) for guidance and protection. As they continued to face challenge after challenge, their bond grew. Eventually, Abraham developed a respect for Eugene and their friendship was one of the more fun ones to watch.

3. Glenn and Maggie

The attraction between The Walking Dead’s Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie was there almost from the first time they met. Once they decided to take their romance to the next level, their bond and friendship became deep and unwavering. Their support for each other is unquestioned, making Glenn’s final words to Maggie that much more heartbreaking.

2. Rick and Daryl

This solid Walking Dead friendship took some time to forge, but once it did, it was not broken. Rick was not an easy person to gain trust in and with Daryl, it was difficult at the start. But over time, their shared horrific experiences brought mutual trust as they both had each other’s back through thick and thin. Eventually, their friendship was an unbreakable bond.

1. Carol and Daryl

Over The Walking Dead’s 11 seasons, the friendship between Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl has to be considered the best relationship of the series. Their connection was unique, bordering on the side of husband and wife, more than just strictly friends. They both shared the same survival instincts and proved they would do anything to keep their group protected. But it was their bond, a deep understanding of each other’s vulnerabilities, as well as their strengths, that made their friendship strong.