Norman Reedus Reunites With Fan-Favorite Co-Star In The Walking Dead Spin-Off

It looks like Melissa McBride will appear as Carol in the Daryl-led The Walking Dead spin-off.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

norman reedus the walking dead

It’s been seven months since The Walking Dead bid adieu to its loyal followers with the series calling it quits after a very successful eleven-season run that saw a truck-load of spin-offs and offshoots both during its time on air and after. One of the most highly-anticipated titles to find its voice in the wake of the show’s end was an untitled spinoff that is set to follow Norman Reedus’ beloved character Daryl. After fans took up arms against Reedus and alleged that he was the reason that Melissa McBride would not be reprising her role as Carol, it seems that the actress will be back in the saddle for the Daryl and Carol follow-up after all. 

According to Deadline, who shared a Twitter post from fellow The Walking Dead alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan in an image that you can see above, not only is production for the untitled spin-off in full force but McBride will be coming back to the fold.

In his tweet, Morgan threw shade at all the people who gave Reedus flack about the rumors that he had been the reason that McBride wouldn’t be embarking on the new journey. Although the production kept a tight lip about The Mist star’s involvement in the series, the Supernatural star points out that she’s been a part of it all from the jump.

Perhaps the craziest part of the drama surrounding The Walking Dead spinoff is that at no point did the network point to Reedus as the reason behind McBride’s change of heart. In fact, a statement released last year that announced the star stepping away from the project noted that she would be unable to film due to location logistics as the show will be rolling the cameras in Europe.

As dedicated as they can be hostile and rumor-driven, longtime fans took this reason and threw it in the trash, instead pushing the belief that Reedus had something to do with McBride’s departure. 

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Best bros for life, Morgan previously came at the fanbase for putting the idea out there that his The Walking Dead co-star had anything to do with McBride’s departure, previously airing his disgust on Twitter and calling out the fandom for its toxicity. Now, with the big reveal of McBride’s involvement, Morgan can take his victory lap and throw it back in the haters’ faces.

While nothing more is known about what McBride’s returning capacity will be in the series, the picture in Morgan’s tweet is a good indicator that The Walking Dead star will be joining her on-screen bestie for his next adventure abroad. For now, we know that audiences can expect to tune into the story of how Daryl ended up in France and his fight to get back home. 

As for Morgan, he too has been reaping the benefits of being one of the most prolific faces on The Walking Dead as he received his own spin-off titled The Walking Dead: Dead City, in which he stars alongside Lauren Cohan. Also coming down the line for Morgan is an undisclosed role on the Prime Video series The Boys, which will see him reunite with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.