Tim Allen’s The Santa Clauses Fate Has Been Confirmed

By Michileen Martin | Updated

Tim Allen Santa Clauses

Tim Allen will once more return to his role as a beloved Christmas icon in Season 2 of The Santa Clauses. On Wednesday, the same day the Season 1 finale streamed on Disney+, outlets like Deadline reported that the holiday comedy had done well enough to earn a renewal.

There’s no official word on when to expect Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin to return for another season of The Santa Clauses but — barring unforeseen circumstances — it doesn’t seem like a mystery you’d need a crystal ball to solve. Considering the series premiered this year the week before Thanksgiving, it’s a safe bet we can expect the next season to debut around the same time in 2023.

We’re a little less sure about who will be returning for the sophomore season. We’d naturally expect most of the Season 1 cast to come back, but so far only Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell — who plays Scott’s wife Carol — are confirmed to be returning for Season 2 of The Santa Clauses. At the least, we’d expect the actors who play the Calvin children and Santa’s most prominent elves to reprise their roles, but so far there’s no firm word.

Warning! SPOILERS for The Santa Clauses Season 1 finale follow!

Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin ends Season 1 of The Santa Clauses successfully reclaiming the mantle of Santa from his chosen successor, Simon Choksi (Kal Penn), who had made the cynical choice to use his new position to help his business aspirations. Scott’s conflict with Simon turns into a race, which Scott wins with the help of his family. The season ends with the reveal that Calvin’s balance between being Santa as well as a husband and father may be easier now because his entire family will now be accompanying him on his annual sleigh ride.

tim allen the santa clauses
Jim O’Heir and David Krumholtz in The Santa Clauses

It makes sense Tim Allen’s lead character would be able to see his family helping him on his sacred duty in future installments of The Santa Clauses, particularly considering the series finds Scott’s family starting to look more like the cast of the long-defunct Heroes. In the penultimate episode of Season 1 Bernard the Elf (David Krumholtz) and the 17th Santa Claus (Jim O’Heir) — the one Calvin believed he accidentally killed way back in 1994’s The Santa Clause — appear to reveal, among other things, that Scott’s children Cal (Austin Kane) and Sandra (Elizabeth Allen-Dick) have both inherited magical powers.

The same reveal tied up something Tim Allen recently said had always bothered him during the promotional lead-up to The Santa Clauses. The Last Man Standing star said it never sat right with him that audiences never learned anything about the Santa who preceded Scott. As Bernard and Santa #17 explain to Scott in the series, that’s because Scott was the first human Santa who was hand-picked by his predecessor.

Tim Allen can be seen in the entire Season 1 of The Santa Clauses, currently streaming on Disney+.