Disney Made A Major Change In The Santa Clauses And Fans Are Furious

Fans were outraged that Disney changed Buddy's name to Cal, but luckily it is just a nickname for The Santa Clauses character.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Following the insane success of Disney+’s Hocus Pocus 2, the house of mouse is going on a walk down memory lane, all the way to the North Pole with their new series, The Santa Clauses. The newly released production saw major success during its two-episode premiere. Still, fans are taking to Twitter to voice their upset for one glaring pothole in which the son of Scott (Tim Allen) and Carol Calvin (Elizabeth Mitchell), who we met as a baby in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, is now going by the name Cal, leaving many viewers stunned at Disney’s mistake. 

Unsure of her reality, one Twitter user wondered if she was “hallucinating” the child’s name from the last movie, certain that it wasn’t always “Cal,” with another commenting on how unlucky Carol and Scott’s kid was for now having the name “Cal Calvin,” tweeting “justice for buddy,” a hashtag that we can definitely see taking off. Another came at those behind The Santa Clauses, telling production that they had “a bone to pick,” pointing out the glaring name change to the character played by Austin Kane. But before everyone grabs their ice picks and widdles their candy canes into sharpened weapons, there’s an explanation for the plothole madness!

While it seems like Disney completely dropped the ball on The Santa Clauses, things aren’t as they seem, as Cal’s full name is Buddy “Cal” Calvin-Claus. We’re not sure which is worse, being named “Buddy” or carrying around the title of “Cal Calvin-Claus,” but the character decided that the second would at least cut the cord between him and Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf.

This means that throughout the series, we’re bound to hear one of his parents sentimentally refer to the now grown-up kid as “Buddy,” meaning that Disney didn’t completely nose-dive the slay with this one. Created by Jack Burditt, The Santa Clauses picks up with the Calvin-Clauses and sees Tim Allen’s Santa preparing to retire and move his family away from the North Pole and onto sunnier pastures.

the santa clauses

With one of his sons having only known life in the North Pole and the other having split his time between there and Illinois, Scott thinks it’s more than overdue that he hangs up the big red suit and pursues other ventures. But, to fully retire, he’ll need to find a proper replacement, which will prove to be a challenge with the pushy feedback from his co-workers: the elves. 

Along with Allen and Mitchell, the series also sees the return of franchise favorites, including Eric Lloyd and David Krumholtz. The Santa Clauses is Disney’s offering to the world of holiday-centered streamer reboots, competing with HBO Max’s release of A Christmas Story Christmas, a follow-up to the beloved A Christmas Story. With four episodes to go, Disney+ has a chance to get it right and bring justice to Buddy in their holly jolly series.