Super DVD Carries More Movies Than You Can Watch, A Way To Fight Against Streaming

By Brian Myers | Published

When the “cut the cord” movement began, it was believed to be a great way to minimize the amount of money spent watching movies and television shows at home. But as the streaming services began to dominate access to new shows and old favorites, some consumers have found that they are spending as much, if not more, on streaming service subscriptions than they ever did on cable and satellite bills. For movie and TV buffs who are looking to store a ton of content in a singular spot, a super DVD capable of storing up to 220,000 films has been revealed by researchers in China.

It Would Take Decades To Watch A Full Super DVD

The super DVD holds more films than anyone could ever possibly imagine viewing. With an average length of 100 minutes, this creation could easily store more than 366,000 hours of watchable content. To put that into perspective, it would take 41.7 years of non-stop viewing to watch the disc’s content in its entirety.

Hundreds Of Layers Of Data

The discovery boils down to how these researchers are able to create multiple layers on a DVD. A standard DVD that holds your favorite film has up to four layers. The super DVD is able to contain hundreds of layers of optical data storage. The recording design on the DVD is greatly expanded three dimensionally, making it possible for a disc to host scores of layers that in turn host thousands of hours of content.

Companies Are Abandoning Physical Media

The news of the super DVD comes at a time when retailers and film studios have been limiting or eliminating films and television shows released in physical form. Last October, retail giant Best Buy announced that its stores would halt carrying physical media. Citing the shrinking demand for streaming services, the retailer seemed to see the writing on the wall and made the decision to change direction.

DVDs And Blu-Rays Hurt The Environment

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Super DVDs aside, DVDs and Blu-rays do come at a cost to the environment. The energy that goes into the mass production of physical media is astounding, not to mention the precious room they occupy on cargo ships going overseas from manufacturers to retailers. When you factor in that more than five million boxes worth of old DVDs and VHS tapes are dumped into landfills each year, it’s easy to see that streaming content is the greenest way to view it.

An Entire Genre On One Disc

The super DVD research certainly does invoke the imagination. If these are going to be generated and made widely available, the idea of being able to customize your own content is exciting, if not overwhelming. A singular disc that could contain every horror film ever made is a thought that is faint-inducing to mega-fans of the genre.

The Entire History Of Film

Theoretically, a super DVD would be able to hold more than 25 percent of the films ever made in cinematic history. That means a set of four would contain every minute of film from every film produced. A boxed set of 10 might hold every television series, including every episode and every network special.

It’s crazy to think that more than 120 years of film and more than 75 years of television could be compacted and stored on discs that would easily fit inside a cigar box. But if the super DVD gets the attention that it warrants, this could someday soon become a reality.