One Star Wars Show Already Has A Season 2 Before The Show Has Even Premiered

Disney may have revealed that Rosario Dawson is returning for Ahsoka Season 2 based on their earnings report reveals.

By James Brizuela | Published

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It appears that the most recent Disney earnings call has confirmed that Rosario Dawson and her Ahsoka series are going to be getting a second season already. While Disney and Lucasfilm have not confirmed this detail outright, there is a table (shown below) that points to the renewal already. Ahsoka joins Skeleton Crew as the two new shows listed on the earnings call table, though Skelton Crew has not been given the “Season 1” designation like Ahsoka has.

disney earnings report ahsoka rosario dawson

The “confirmation’ that Rosario Dawson and Ahsoka has everything to do with the other shows and their season designation. For example, The Mandalorian has a “Season 3” designation, meaning that we are now going to be seeing the next season of that series. To be honest, Skeleton Crew not having a season designation next to its name could mean that it is only meant to receive one season.

Still, it would make complete sense for Rosario Dawson to get an Ahsoka Season 2, as she has been one of the most wonderful surprises that have come from The Mandalorian. We would imagine that Ahsoka’s story is not going to be able to be wrapped up in one season and that her story is going to also intertwine with The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett, should the latter also receive another season.

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are building some quite special with the current Star Wars shows, and we imagine that they have big plans in store for Rosario Dawson and Ahsoka. We also know that Ezra Bridger is going to be appearing in the Ahsoka series, and he could theoretically get his own spinoff as well, which could then tie back into a potential Ahsoka Season 2. The current state of Star Wars is being revived by these shows, so we imagine that there are deals in place to keep all the properties going as long as possible.

Again, take his Rosario Dawson and Ahsoka news with a grain of salt, though it makes sense for both to continue on past their official season. Dawson is a fantastic actress and she brought to life one of the most storied and often criticized characters, so fans are certainly wanting to see more of her. Her initial performance in The Mandalorian was spectacular, and they couldn’t have picked a better actor to step into the role of his Jedi.

Ahsoka is set to premiere on March 12, 2023, which is going to be right after the premiere of The Mandalorian Season 3. Both shows are likely to coexist and showcase events that affect Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka and Pedro Pascal’s Mando. Interestingly, we know Hayden Christensen is billed to appear in Ahsoka as Darth Vader, so we wonder if Mando will meet the Dark Lord of the Sith eventually.

All is soon to be answered, but it makes sense that Disney is betting big on Rosario Dawson and Ahsoka, especially because of how well the other shows are going. We honestly just can’t wait to see Ahsoka fighting with her dual lightsabers.

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