Star Wars Ahsoka Reveals Fan-Favorite Character Is Finally Coming To Live-Action

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is rumored to be playing Hera Syndulla in Star Wars Ahsoka.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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The Star Wars Ahsoka series is starting to shape up, as many details have been revealed since Star Wars Celebration took place earlier this year. One of those updates was that Hera Syndulla was going to be making her live-action debut in the series, however, there was no indication about who was going to take on the coveted role. Now, a report by the Bespin Bulletin has revealed that sources indicate that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is set to take on the role of Syndulla.

Hera Syndulla comes from Star Wars Rebels, as she was a huge ally to Ahsoka in the show, along with being part of the Ghost crew, as she captains the ship. She is also the owner of Chopper, which was brought out by Rosario Dawson during the Star Wars Celebration this year. The Star Wars Ahsoka series sounds like it could be one that connects fans to the deeper lore of the franchise in a much grander way.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead had already been cast in the Star Wars Ahsoka series, though her role was kept a secret, as keeping secrets is the usual case for the franchise. However, the Bespin Bulletin has revealed that Winstead is set to take on the role of Syndulla in the new series. Syndulla now joins Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and Chopper as characters that will be making their live-action debuts in the Star Wars universe.

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Hera Syndulla

There are also rumors that indicate that Admiral Thrawn will be appearing in the Star Wars Ahsoka series, along with Pedro Pascal’s Mando and Temuera Morrison’s Boba Fett. The latter two of three make more sense, considering Ahsoka appeared in The Mandalorian, which is also heavily connected to The Book of Boba Fett series. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau are certainly doing wonders with the future of the franchise.

We reported that rumors indicate Kathleen Kennedy is going to be leaving as the President of Lucasfilm. Should this prove to be true, we could see Filoni and Favreau stepping in to take the reins for the betterment of the franchise. They have been instrumental in bringing shows like Star Wars Ahsoka and The Mandalorian to the world, and they would both be welcomed in the role of president.

These are just rumors at this point, as it has not yet been confirmed that Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be Syndulla in Star Wars Ahsoka, and Kennedy has not yet been let go, though they are both strong rumors to look out for. We will certainly update everyone once both have been confirmed. Either way, the future of Star Wars is in good hands.

Star Wars Ahsoka will not be debuting on Disney+ until 2023, so we are likely to start hearing more casting announcements and rumors in the coming weeks. Still, we are more than excited to see where this series goes from here, as casting Rosario Dawson in the lead role was already the best decision. We just hope that Ahsoka and Vader go at it in the series, at least just once.