Star Trek: Discovery Lead Finds Peace In Series Cancellation

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  • Sonequa Martin-Green weighed in Star Trek: Discovery coming to a close
  • The actress says she is at peace with the show ending
  • Star Trek: Discovery led to other Star Trek stories

Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery is scheduled to be released in a matter of weeks, with the upcoming season being the show’s final. It was a major release in the NuTrek Era, one that established a benchmark that every subsequent release, both animated and live-action, has either met or exceeded.

Sonequa Martin-Green On Discovery Cancellation

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So, it’s really no wonder that the show is being canceled. Its lead, Sonequa Martin-Green, recently revealed that she’s found peace in the show’s cancellation.

Sonequa Martin-Green said, “My reaction when I heard Star Trek: Discovery was ending…man, it was a kaleidoscope of emotions. There was definitely the bittersweetness, but then there was this really powerful sense of peace as well because of what we did, what we created, and what we were all able to be a part of.”

Not Aware This Was Last Season

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The lead star of Star Trek: Discovery apparently wasn’t aware that the upcoming season would be the show’s last. Instead, the information about the cancellation was shared only after the cast had finished the majority of the shoot, prompting them to go back and do an addendum shoot that would wrap things up.

Sonequa Martin-Green also added that she appreciates both experiences; not knowing that the show was about to end allowed the cast to film the majority of the season without the burden of knowledge.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5

From what we know so far, Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery will follow Captain Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery on their epic adventures throughout the galaxy in search of an extremely powerful but ancient and mysterious power whose very existence has been hidden for centuries.

Of course, the season will introduce more dangerous foes in search of the very same thing. No other details about the upcoming season are available, but we hope to see more of the Species 10-C in the future.

A Sad Series Outcome

What happened to Star Trek: Discovery is a bit disheartening. The show had a reasonably good start, and there’s plenty that could have been done with the base idea. Apparently, it didn’t lack talent, considering the fantastic cast. But it lacked good writing.

The concept of the show was changed several times over, the whole thing went through at least two soft reboots, and the fans never actually accepted Star Trek: Discovery as they did other releases. Still, despite its shortcomings, the legacy of Star Trek: Discovery is epic.  

Foray Into The Star Trek Universe

Star Trek: Discovery gave birth to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a spin-off starring Anson Mount and an upcoming Star Trek: Section 31 movie, which is currently in active production.

However, not everyone’s happy that Star Trek: Discovery is getting canceled. To some fans, the series was a foray into the Star Trek Universe, which, despite it being one of the weaker Star Trek offerings, captivated them and introduced them to a thought-provoking franchise.

And there’s obviously plenty of history and content—nearly 850 hours of it, which translates to approximately 35 days worth of content.

Sonequa Martin-Green As Michael Burnham

As for Star Trek: Discovery’s lead, Sonequa Martin-Green, the actress provided an exceptional performance as Michael Burnham, and we surely hope to see her repeat her role in upcoming Star Trek releases as well. In the end, her character proved, time and time over, that we haven’t seen the last of Captain Michael Burnham.

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