See Bill Hader In First Look At Barry’s Final Season

We got the first look at Bill Hader returning as Barry for the fourth and final season of the hit series.

By James Brizuela | Published

bill hader barry

Bill Hader announced that the upcoming fourth season of Barry will sadly be the last. However, this means that we are going to be in for a whirlwind of an ending. HBO Max has also released a sizzle reel that showcases all the upcoming 2023 releases while giving us a few glorious seconds of the final season of Barry, which you can see below:

For those of you who have not caught up on Barry, you will want to stop reading immediately, as the rest of this article is going to contain some spoilers. For the rest of us who want to start putting on our fan theories, we get a few seconds of some of the most important characters in the show. This includes Bill Hader as Barry, who we know was arrested at the conclusion of the third season.

Bill Hader is also going to direct every episode of the final season of Barry, as he handled that duty for much of the third season as well. Going back to the huge cliffhanger, we know that Barry was set up by his acting coach, Gene Cousineau. Cousineau also teamed up with Detective Janice Moss’s father, Jim, as the pair finally took down Barry in a glorious ending to last season.

One of the moments from the above trailer shows Gene Cousineau saying, “oh my god,” which could be because he finds out that Bill Hader’s Barry is getting released from jail on a technicality. This is just our own speculation, but we would imagine that Barry is going to find himself released by some bizarre oversight by the FBI, as that has been their modus operandi up to this point. Naturally, Gene Cousineau is going to think that Barry will be after him for setting him up.

However, we think that Bill Hader might write a different dynamic for Barry and Mr. Cousineau, in that Barry wants to leave Mr. Cousineau alone completely. He did give Mr. Cousineau a large bag of money and told him that he would never have to see him again. However, that was before Janice’s father came into the picture and bulldozed his way into convincing Cousineau to take down Barry.

There is a lot to think about how this series is going to end, and how Bill Hader is going to write Barry Season 4. Our first instance is to think that Barry is going to have to die, but that would certainly be the obvious choice. However, Hader has truly turned this show into something quite spectacular, so we hope the ending surprises everyone the same.

We don’t know the exact season premiere date, but we would imagine that Bill Hader is going to return as Barry in the first quarter of the year. The 2023 Emmys will air in September, and only accept submissions for shows that air before May 31st, so it stands to reason that Barry Season 4 is going to return to HBO Max before then. We honestly cannot wait to see what happens next.