Don’t Worry, Nathan Fillion Has A Plan For The Zombie Apocalypse, And Here It Is

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Zombies are everywhere, from hit TV shows to commercials for chewy fruit flavored treats and economy cars. The possibility of a zombie apocalypse is a big worry for some, and has even been used as a tool to raise awareness for disaster preparedness and disease prevention. But don’t worry, Nathan Fillion has a plan. That’s right, the Firefly star has a strategy and he detailed it in this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live. So if you’re fortunate enough to be around Fillion when the shit goes does, great, but if not, you can emulate his approach as laid out here.

This isn’t so much a specific contingency plan, like meet here, we have stashes of food, weapons, and supplies all over the place, or anything quite so concrete, but it’s more like an overall approach to everyday life that will prove useful when the dead start to walk the Earth. For example, he’s cataloging the practical skills of all of his friends, determining who will be useful in the event of a zombie-based emergency. Knowing details like this will come in handy and help shorten the decision time when choosing who to ally yourself with.

Fillion also admits that he’s not entirely opposed to cannibalism should the need arise. Again, in certain situations, such a lax moral stance may lead to his ultimate survival over some other remnants of society, still clinging to outdated mores and norms like “eating people is bad.” That just means more dinner for him.

He is also rather concerned about the state of his penis should a zombie-tinged apocalypse indeed go down. For this reason, he’s not fan of swords. With the popularity of Michonne on The Walking Dead, many people are touting the blade as the best tool for dispatching living corpses. Fillion, however, is concerned that little Fillion could meet with an unfortunate accident, and without many doctors around, that could be bad news. So you won’t see him wielding anything too sharp. Besides, it’s going to be hard enough to make sweet, sweet love with zombies everywhere, banging on windows, moaning outside. It’s a real boner killer.

nathan fillionThe biggest thing to take away from all of this, however, is that, even when the world goes to hell in a rotting hand basket, at least one of our favorite celebrities will be safe, and in such situations, isn’t that the most important thing?