Best Community Guest Stars That Need To Appear In The Movie

By Erika Hanson | Published


#Sixseasonsandamovie finally paid off, and a Community movie is officially in the works. But with few details and no release date on the horizon, we have plenty of time to contemplate where we’ll find our favorite Greendale students today and who we might see pop in for the film. 

With plenty of celebrity cameos to choose from, we’ve narrowed down our favorite guest stars that need to show up somewhere in the movie.

Pedro Pascal

Admittedly, Pedro Pascal was never a part of the original series. But when the crew teamed up with Dan Harmon for a table read during peak COVID-era, Pedro Pascal was recruited to join the cast to reenact “Cooperative Polygraphy” from season 5.

In the original episode, Walton Goggins played Mr. Stone, a man charged with carrying out Pierce’s final wishes and bequeathments following his death. Unable to attend the table read, The Mandalorian stepped into the role, winning over Community fans’ hearts with his audible giggles right before he realized he was about to read lines about Pierce leaving the study group vials of his sperm.

Luis Guzman

Wednesday star Luis Guzman was an integral part of the Greendale campus. Starring as himself on the show, Guzman graduated from Greendale and even has his very own statue at the front of the campus.

Having Guzman pop up in the Community movie, even just momentarily, would be a welcome treat for fans, but we’d also love to see him help the school develop a better commercial …again. 

John Goodman

John Goodman is a welcome sight in every role he takes, but when he showed up with a braided ponytail to Greendale College, we were overly delighted at the faculty addition. Goodman played Robert Laybourne, vice dean and head of the air condition annex. 

Sure, it might be difficult to bring John Goodman back for the Community movie, considering his character died in a freak accident. But like Starburns, Pierce, and Cornelius Hawthorne, we know how easy it is to fake deaths or bring holographs and ghosts into the fold.

Giancarlo Esposito

We never got an explanation for what happened to Pierce’s half-brother, and the Community movie is the perfect opportunity for Giancarlo Esposito to not only reprise the role but give us a life update now that he’s the sole surviving offspring of the extremely racist late Cornelius Hawthorne.

Esposito played Gilbert Lawson in Community. In one of the series best episodes, “Digital Estate Planning,” he reveals to Pierce that he is his half-brother, and the two eventually bond over their shared love/hate relationship with their father.

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway only made the infamous Community paintball episodes better, and we’d love to see his gun-slinging mysterious character known only as The Black Rider once again.

Dan Harmon has already confirmed that there will be no paintball in the Community movie, but that doesn’t mean Josh Holloway can’t return out of costume… possibly still working for Greendale’s competition, City College.

Tricia Helfer

We’re big fans of Battlestar Galactica and Tricia Helfer here at GFR, so of course, we would love to see this beautiful sci-fi actress one more time in a Community movie. 

Tricia Helfer had a cameo in season 4’s “Conventions of Space and Time” where she played an Inspector SpaceTime superfan whom Jeff hits on.

Nathan Fillion

Firefly and all-around Nathan Fillion fans were undoubtedly stoked for the actor’s surprise cameo in Season 5 as Greendale custodian Bob Waite and even more excited when he appeared in the college’s underground speakeasy momentarily in Season 6. 

As with any role he takes on, Fillion perfectly portrayed the ruthless head custodian, and the Community movie wouldn’t be complete without his presence. 

Brie Larson

Long before Brie Larson took down Thanos’ ship as Captain Marvel in Avengers: End Game, she was the quirky love interest of Abed on Community.

Brie Larson’s Rachel was another character who disappeared, and we never got an explanation of what happened to her or why she and Abed broke up. The Community movie is the perfect time to give the weirdly placed relationship some closure. 

LeVar Burton

Last but not least, LeVar Burton cameoed as himself in Community multiple times and is an absolute must-have guest star for the movie. Plus, now that we know Donald Glover is returning for the film, it only makes sense to include Burton.

The last time we saw Troy, he bid the study group farewell as he left Greendale for a globe-trotting oceanic voyage with LeVar Burton as his first mate.