Nathan Fillion Visits Civilian Pavilion Named After Him

By Britta DeVore | Published

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A wise man once said, “Everyone’s a hero in their own way.” That wise man was Nathon Fillion’s character in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and he was right. A hero to us both on and off the screen, Fillion has finally reaped the benefits of what he’s been sewing in Hollywood over the last few decades after his home city of Edmonton named a parklet in his honor. Visiting the Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion for the first time over the weekend, the Canadian native shared his experience with his followers on social media. 

The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion

A place to rest, visit with friends, read a book, or sip on some coffee, the seating area dedicated to Nathan Fillion can be found near Whyte Avenue and 103 Street in the Canadian city of Edmonton.

As charming and silly as ever, the Instagram video sees the Firefly actor strolling the streets of Edmonton when he comes across the parklet which features some taped-on images of him throughout his career. Knowing that all of his hard work and dedication has finally paid off, Nathan Fillion smiles to himself before the video cuts off.

The Origin Of The Pavilion

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The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion has been in the works for five years since Lauren Hunter, a radio personality, kicked off a petition back in 2019 to build a monument to the actor. Okay, so when we say “monument” we actually mean a small building alongside a park but we still consider that to be a monument to Fillion’s greatness.

Not only did more than 37,000 people sign the petition but a handful of the star’s fellow The Suicide Squad cast mates, including Margot Robbie and John Cena, also voiced their support for the building. Sure, it isn’t a four-wall concrete structure, but the seating area is also quite an honor.


While he appeared in numerous TV shows and films prior, it was Nathan Fillion’s work in Joss Whedon’s Firefly universe that fully put him on the map. Many of us Buffy the Vampire Slayer nerds (a loving word from one of your own), will remember Fillion as one of the show’s major villains during its final season on air.

After Buffy wrapped and fans called for more stories from the world of Firefly, Whedon answered the call and cast Fillion and a handful of other familiar faces in the follow-up film, Serenity.

Fillion’s Other Roles

In the years since, Nathan Fillion’s career has only continued its upward trajectory, with the actor appearing in movies like Slither and Waitress before landing a leading role on the ABC series, Castle.

It was also around this time that his friendship with filmmaker James Gunn began to bleed into collaborative projects, with Fillion making a cameo voice appearance in the director’s first installment in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Happily jumping between film and television, after Castle came to an end in 2016, it would only be two years until Fillion landed his ongoing role as the leading character in NBC’s The Rookie

Fillion And Gunn

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These days, Nathan Fillion and James Gunn can’t seem to stay away from one another as, last year, Fillion appeared in a small capacity in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and is now with Gunn and the rest of the Superman team working hard on the new DC movie. In it, Fillion will appear as Guy Gardner aka Green Lantern – allegedly with the character’s iconic bowl cut and all.