Reacher Season 3 Casts Giant For Beloved Series Villain

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

reacher season 3

Reacher fans, get ready: the hotly hyped Season 3 of the show has snagged someone to play the much-loved, much-feared villain, Paulie. Spoiler alert—it’s Olivier Richters, otherwise infamously known as “The Dutch Giant.” The eventuality means an electrifying matchup, pitting Alan Ritchson’s towering, hulking titular hero against someone even more beefy, brawny, and potentially lethal. 

Reacher Season 3

reacher Season 3

Fans of the novel series and various on-screen adaptions will know that the third season of the streaming show will relate to the narrative of Lee Child’s 2003 novel, Persuader.

Like the novel, the series will heavily revolve around a deranged bodybuilder and bodyguard sporting an extremely intimidating presence—Paul “Paulie” Massarella. Readers remember that Paulie looks out for Zachar Beck, played by Anthony Michael Hall, and evolves into a primary antagonist in the universe, sure to engage audiences in Reacher Season 3


Like The Mountain from the Game of Thrones series, Paulie is terrifying because his menace equals his might. Because Richters stands a towering seven feet and two inches, he should perfectly embody the hulking swagger described by Child in the novel. 

The description of Paulie in the book is actually undertaken by its narrator, Reacher. The latter compares himself, at six foot five—an already exceptional height—with his adversary, probably half a foot taller, by Reacher’s estimation, and much, much heavier. The violence latent in that build is not fun to imagine. 

You’ve Seen Richters Before

reacher Season 3

For his part, Richters is no stranger to playing a hulking henchman, given that he’s a significant Dutch bodybuilder in his own right. Before Reacher Season 3, he appeared in Black Widow, The King’s Man, and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny; Richter’s resume is impressive. Fans should look forward to a titanic clash between Paulie and Jack Reacher, boasting the potential for a new classic confrontation. 

Compared To Jaws (No, Not The Fish)

Speaking of classic matchups, Hall, who handles Beck in the streaming series, compared Richters to none other than the epic James Bond villain, Jaws. Who can forget the steel-toothed baddie played by Richard Kiel?

Hall treated fans to a fun tease of what’s to come in Reacher Season 3, describing the upcoming face-off as comparable to something out of Marvel, in which a hero and a villain superhero-like in stature go at it big time. 

Reacher’s second season was based on the 2007 novel Bad Luck and Trouble and concluded its final episode early this year. The season found a wide audience and critical approval, which makes sense given the popularity and import of its source material. 


The Jack Reacher novels inspiring the Amazon Prime Video’s Reacher Season 3 are modern thriller and detective fiction staples.

Both projects follow the adventures of the titular character, Jack Reacher, a former Major in the United States Army Military Police Corps, who trades the army life for a drifter’s existence, floating across the United States while solving dangerous cases and beating the pulp out of violent villains. 

Reacher’s unique combination of high intelligence and enormous stature makes him a memorable and compelling figure in the genre.

The show’s first season, based on the novel Killing Floor, introduced the character as he floated through the small town of Margrave, Georgia, only to become entangled in a conspiracy involving equal parts murder and corruption. The second season reunited Reacher with his former military police unit as they solved the mystery of a comrade’s death. 

We can’t wait for Oliver Richter’s Paulie in Reacher Season 3. 

Source: IGN