The Ryan Reynolds Sitcom That Can’t Be Streamed Anywhere Is A Lost Treasure

By April Ryder | Published

Ryan Reynolds on Two Guys and a Girl

Currently not available to stream anywhere, Ryan Reynolds’ 90s sitcom Two Guys and a Girl is a lost treasure to be discovered by fans. If you weren’t there for the show’s airing, you may not even know about its existence. 

However, Two Guys and a Girl was Ryan Reynolds’ game-changer role, as it could easily be accredited with jumpstarting his longstanding career as an accomplished actor. 

Ryan Reynolds is now a massive movie star, but in the 90s, he was a sitcom star on Two Guys and a Girl.

Ryan first started acting when he was just 14 but played small, somewhat insignificant roles on screen for several years. He quit acting in the early 90s but was convinced by a close friend to move to LA for another shot at success, where he landed a supporting role alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. 

Reynolds then got an offer to play Xander Harris on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series but turned down the role, stating he was not interested in playing a character who was a high school student. Instead, he booked his breakout role in Two Guys and a Girl (called Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place for the first two seasons). 

Two Guys and a Girl

After spending four successful seasons on the show, Ryan Reynolds was cast as the lead character in the hit movie National Lampoon’s Van Wilder. His performance as Van Wilder was his breakthrough on the big screen, and he was then able to land casting calls for bigger roles like Deadpool in Wolverine Origins and Green Lantern in … well, Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds’ four seasons of Two Guys and a Girl provided the actor a chance to show a wider variety of his skills. The show’s premise was based on the creator, Kenny Schwartz’s experiences working at a local pizza place in college. 

The series stars Ryan Reynolds as Michael Leslie “Berg” Bergen, Richard Ruccolo as Pete, Traylor Howard as Sharon, and even a pre-Firefly Nathan Fillion as Johnny. The show’s four seasons see the story’s premise shift rather boldly along the way. 

The first season centers around Pete’s girlfriend, Melissa (Jennifer Westfeldt), and Mr. Bauer (David Ogden), who plays a delusional old man who often visits the pizza parlor pretending to have personally experienced several movie scenes. 

Two Guys and a Girl changed a lot over the years, but Ryan Reynolds remained at the core of the series until the end.

The second season abandons the back-and-forth between Melissa and Mr. Bauer. Instead, the show focuses more on Ryan Reynolds, his on-screen pal Pete, and their interactions with the girl living in the apartment above theirs, Sharon. Viewers also get their first taste of Nathan Fillion on the show in season two as a jukebox repairman who becomes Sharon’s boyfriend. 

In addition to the extra characters being added to the cast, season two aired an excellent and entertaining Halloween special. In the special, Pete and Berg throw a Halloween party. Sharon shows up to the party as a mermaid, and Johnny makes her angry by showing up as a cowboy instead of an angler. 

When the party runs out of beer, Pete goes to the pizza parlor for more, only to find Ryan Reynolds tied up and captive. This leaves viewers to wonder exactly who is impersonating Berg at the party. 

Nathan Fillion on Two Guys and a Girl

Psycho Berg, at the party ends up killing Ashley and Johnny with an axe. He then chases Sharon to the pizza place, and Pete accidentally ends up killing the real Berg. Eventually, you find out who is impersonating Berg and why he is on a killing spree, but you’ll have to watch the episode to uncover the truth. 

Ryan Reynolds got to go crazy during Two Guys and a Girl’s Halloween episodes, one of which featured a psychotic doppleganger of his character, Berg.

Season three kicks the pizza place entirely out of the equation (thus the show’s name change), as Berg is now out of college and beginning a medical residency. Pete changes careers, too. Sharon’s relationship with Johnny gets a bit more serious, and they become the superintendents of the apartment building. 

The show’s fourth season goes through a lot of relationship debacles, and it ends the series with a finale in which fans were supposed to choose the outcome. One of the girls on the show was to be pregnant, and the birth was planned for the fifth season finale. However, the fifth season never aired. The show was canceled at the end of season four due to a dramatic drop in ratings. 

Though you can’t stream the show anywhere online, you can purchase the series at places like Walmart and Amazon. Try digging into what Ryan Reynolds has to offer in this comedy series, and maybe we won’t have to suffer the loss of this 90s treasure.