According To This Total Recall Blooper Reel There Was A Lot Of Dancing On Set

By Brent McKnight | Published

Whether or not you enjoyed the 2012 remake of Total Recall is a matter of personal opinion; some people did, but many of us did not. At best it was underwhelming, but at least it looks like the cast and crew had a pretty good time while they were filming. That is, if this extended behind-the-scenes blooper reel is to be believed.

This video is fun enough, although eight minutes might be a bit excessive. But what the hell, at least they were enjoying themselves. You’ll chuckle at all of the usual things, like flubbed takes, forgotten lines, and botched stunts where someone gets smacked in the face or misses when leaping from building to building. In one particular take, star Kate Beckinsale whacks director Len Wiseman, her real-life husband, in the nose with a prop gun.

One helpful bit of information you might also glean from this video is that, even in the future, automatic doors don’t always work the way they’re supposed to. You’d think they’d have that worked out by then. People also quite often forget their guns when going to a firefight, and there are also a lot of high fives in the distant future.

There was also a lot of dancing on the set of Total Recall. More dancing than you normally expect on the set of a science fiction movie. It’s like they were shooting a damn musical, with all of the chair dancing, the random shaking it in a hallway, and Bryan Cranston doing something that resembles a scene from Flashdance.