Simon Pegg And Alfonso Cuaron Rumored For Star Wars Movies

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It’s been a few days since we ran any insane Star Wars rumors, so I figure it’s just about time, don’t you think? Today’s rumor is essentially nothing more than a pair of names that supposedly may be involved with the future Star Wars movies in some capacity. Those names? Simon Pegg (Star Trek’s Scotty) and director Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, the upcoming Gravity).

The news is from entertainment blog Marketsaw, which claims the info comes from an unnamed source close to the production of the new Star Wars movies. Cuaron is mentioned as a possible director for Episode VIII and/or Episode IX. Given that those movies are still a long way off, it’ll likely be quite some time before that rumor can be confirmed or denied. If it is true, Cuaron would be a great choice, because he’s shown mastery of his craft and a knack for working with genre material on films such as Children of Men and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

As for Pegg, it’s unclear how he would be involved, but unsurprisingly he’s being mentioned in connection to Abrams’ Episode VII. Abrams has shown a tendency for loyalty when it comes to actors, so it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see Pegg visiting the galaxy far, far away. He’s traditionally been cast as the comedy type, but he did play a memorable villain in the Doctor Who episode “The Long Game,” so it would be interesting to see him given the chance to do something else outside-the-box in the new Star Wars films. Maybe they’ll glue yak fur to him and make him a Wookiee.

While the Cuaron and Pegg news isn’t terribly informative, Marketsaw’s purported insider does share a few other insights into the possible future of the Star Wars franchise. Check it out below, and cover it with a sprinkling of salt…

The focus is on the original trilogy in regards of reverence and tone. Remember I told you before that the tone was important, well I believe they are really taking that seriously. From everything I know, they’re focusing on that directly. Remember everything has the ability to change drastically, as Star Wars right now apart from the twin trilogies is a huge blank canvas. However, the trilogies ongoing narrative will continue to focus on that particular branch, whereas the stand alone movies, will fill and expand the voids in between in multiple timelines, and have potential to then be franchised themselves in regards to the worlds they open up.

Yoda, Palpatine, Jabba, Boba, Plagueis etc.

I believe they are very clued into what fans would and wouldn’t like, and considering Mr Ford himself may not be done with his character yet, I wouldn’t start picketing Lucasfilm about young Han Solo movies being made just yet. Which I was led to believe couldn’t be further from how they want to move forward creatively anyway.

Harrison Ford has been approached, he has not turned it down, and is from everything I hear, very interested in returning to the role of Han Solo again, but is not signed as was reported recently. Negotiating may be a better choice of words right now. Hope it shakes out.

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were also approached a long time ago, as was ford, and a few other key players. I would all but guarantee, they will be in Episode 7, and I would be confident that Ford will return too. If the universe aligns correctly.

Star Wars: Episode VII is tentatively slated for a 2015 release.

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