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Simon Pegg Incensed At Shaun Of The Dead Reboot

With 20 years after its theatrical release, Shaun of the Dead is still regarded as one of the best horror …

1 week ago

star trek movies

Chris Pine Is Excited For Captain Kirk Star Trek Return For A Good Reason

It’s been nearly a decade since Chris Pine stood at the helm of the USS Enterprise as Captain Kirk in …

3 weeks ago

scott pilgrim

Star Trek’s Most Infamous Show Almost Connected To Scott Pilgrim

Normally, you wouldn’t think there was any connection between Star Trek and Scott Pilgrim (although, when you think of it, …

1 month ago

Jeremy Renner Reveals Reason For Leaving Mission Impossible Franchise And We Support Him

Jeremy Renner’s Mission: Impossible character, William Brandt, quickly became a fan-favorite after his debut in the 2011 franchise sequel Ghost …

1 month ago

sydney sweeney snl 1

Edgar Wright In Talks For Sydney Sweeney Remake Of Iconic 1960s Sci-Fi Epic

Edgar Wright is a visionary director with a distinct sense of style that is severely lacking in most modern Hollywood …

2 months ago

absolutely anything

The Forgotten Robin Williams Sci-Fi Fantasy You Can Stream Without Netflix

Simon Pegg has been one of my favorite comedic actors ever since I first saw Shaun of the Dead, and …

3 months ago

Rebecca Ferguson Reveals Why She Left Mission: Impossible And She’s 100% Right

Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust was easily one of the best characters in the Mission: Impossible franchise since she was introduced …

3 months ago

All These Actors Were In Both Star Wars And Doctor Who

Doctor Who and Star Wars are franchises that feel like they’ve been around forever. I mean can we even remember …

3 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Blockbuster Is All About The Fans

The 2018 sci-fi film Ready Player One is streaming on Netflix. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie is based on the 2011 …

5 months ago

star trek star wars

The Star Trek And Star Wars Surprising Acting Connections

Despite similar sounding names, Star Trek and Star Wars don’t have much in common. One is a science-based sci-fi utopia …

6 months ago

zombie movie

Zombie Movie Icon Dead At 77

The world of horror cinema mourns the loss of David Emge, the talented actor whose portrayal of Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews …

6 months ago

The Best Sci-Fi Movies Of 2011: Make Sure You’ve Streamed Them All

If you love science fiction make sure you didn’t miss any of these 2011 films.

6 months ago

Simon Pegg And Star Trek Beyond Director Reveal They Quit The Film

Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin says making the film was so intense that he and Simon Pegg, who co-wrote and …

6 months ago

The Creepy Lily Collins Thriller On Netflix Leaves You Guessing

Dive deep into the tangled webs of family secrets and sinister legacies as you witness Inheritance, now streaming on Netflix. …

10 months ago

james doohan scotty star trek

See Scotty Recast And Back On Star Trek’s Enterprise For Strange New Worlds

The OG Enterprise finally has its best miracle worker back, though it’s a new actor playing the Scotsman. Star Trek: …

11 months ago

simon pegg tom cruise mission impossible

Mission: Impossible Star Says They Hid Alcohol Problem From Tom Cruise

Simon Pegg says he hid his alcohol addiction from his friend and Mission: Impossible co-star Tom Cruise.

1 year ago

the world's end edgar wright

The World’s End Is Edgar Wright’s Best And Most Pessimistic Movie

The World’s End concludes the Cornetto Trilogy with a dark warning that not everyone can grow up.

1 year ago

simon pegg hogwarts legacy

Simon Pegg Joins Boycotted Mega-Blockbuster In Major Role

Simon Pegg is joining the Hogwarts Legacy game as Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black.

2 years ago

the boys season 4

The Boys Confirms A Character’s Big Return For Season 4

The Boys is one of Amazon Prime’s best original programs, so it’s no surprise that after the release of season …

2 years ago

mission impossible

Mission Impossible Star Didn’t Even Know The Title Of The Movie

It turns out you can star in a huge action movie franchise like Mission Impossible and still not get told some key things.

2 years ago

simon pegg

See Simon Pegg Wage War In New Series Trailer

It’s a different kind of war.

2 years ago

simon pegg

Simon Pegg Reveals Which Fanbase Is The Worst

whichSimon Pegg has been involved with a number of popular movie franchises. But he has clear thoughts on which fanbase is the worst of them all

2 years ago

apple tv luck

Apple’s Most Anticipated Movie Is Being Turned Into A Board Game

AppleTV has partnered with Skydance Animation to release the first animated feature for Skydance’s new division. Now that movie is being turned into a board game.

2 years ago

simon pegg

Simon Pegg Is A Very Lucky Cat In New Apple TV+ Trailer

AppleTV+ has teamed up with Skydance Animation to release an animated feature called Luck, which sees Simon Pegg take on the life of a cat.

2 years ago

simon pegg hogwarts legacy

See Simon Pegg Play His Luckiest Character Ever In New Trailer

Simon Pegg is set to donate his voice to a new animated feature for AppleTV+, and the streaming platform has released the brand-new teaser trailer for the film.

2 years ago

simon pegg

Simon Pegg Was In Star Wars, See Who He Played

Did you know it was him?

2 years ago

seth rogen

An Overlooked Seth Rogen Movie Is Climbing The Charts on Streaming

Seth Rogen is well-known for the great comedy movies he’s brought us over the years.

3 years ago

simon pegg star trek

Simon Pegg Reveals How Star Trek And Star Wars Keep Him Going

We all need a pick-me-up every now and then, and Simon Pegg is no different. In an interview last year, …

3 years ago

galaxy quest

We’re Getting A Galaxy Quest TV Show From One Of The Star Trek Cast Members

Galaxy Quest is going to the small screen, and a Star Trek actor is coming with it.

3 years ago

simon pegg tom cruise mission impossible

See Simon Pegg Caught Cuddling With Tom Cruise On The Mission: Impossible Set

Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise are getting very close.

3 years ago