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Simon Pegg Coyly Responds To Star Wars: Episode VII Rumors

Any time an actor gets questioned about a potential role in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, they get incredibly …

10 years ago

simon pegg

Simon Pegg May Have A Secret Star Wars: Episode VII Role

With the constant rumors flowing in and around the production of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, it always helps …

10 years ago

absolutely anything

Simon Pegg And (Most of) Monty Python’s Absolutely Anything Gets Poster

Here are two facts. One, British sci-fi films are too few and far between. Two, the surviving members of Monty …

10 years ago

Simon Pegg Reveals Original Outline For The World’s End

Warning: spoilers for The World’s End! August 2011, me and @edgarwright, one page, whole film. The very beginnings of The …

10 years ago

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The World’s End Is Coming To Blu-ray, DVD And VOD This November

The best way to celebrate getting the details about the upcoming home releases for Edgar Wright’s

11 years ago

Simon Pegg Punks His Star Trek Into Darkness Castmates With Neutron Cream

Any science junkie or science fiction fan such as myself knows that space is a dangerous place. You’ve got hard …

11 years ago


Star Trek Into Darkness Was The Worst Trek Film? Simon Pegg Says F*ck You.

Simon Pegg has never been shy about sharing his opinions. As much as he’s a geek icon, he’s also shown …

11 years ago

The World’s End Begins Virtual Pub Crawl And Plans Comic-Con Scavenger Hunt

While the release of Star Trek Into Darkness earlier this year was an important film for science fiction fans (regardless …

11 years ago


Simon Pegg And J.J. Abrams Chat About Star Wars

In a few short weeks, audiences across the country will finally get to watch Star Trek Into Darkness. The release …

11 years ago

Star Trek Into Darkness Beaming Into U.K. IMAX Theaters A Week Early

Many people were waiting for a Star Trek sequel as soon as J.J. Abrams released the reboot, and after a …

11 years ago

Simon Pegg Denies Star Wars: Episode VII Rumors

Since J.J. Abrams took the Star Wars: Episode VII job for Disney and Lucasfilm, many have wondered what he will …

11 years ago

Simon Pegg And Alfonso Cuaron Rumored For Star Wars Movies

Your crazy Star Wars rumor of the day.

11 years ago

The World’s End’s Edgar Wright On Manchildren And Growing Up

At the moment, I’m looking forward to watching movies like Elysium, S-VHS, and World War Z, among others, but I’m …

11 years ago