See Scotty Recast And Back On Star Trek’s Enterprise For Strange New Worlds

By Michileen Martin | Updated

star trek scotty
Martin Quinn as the new Montgomery Scott in “Hegemony,” the Season 2 finale of
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

The OG Enterprise finally has its best miracle worker back, though it’s a new actor playing the Scotsman. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds reintroduced Scotty in its Season 2 finale, “Hegemony,” and while the actor playing him isn’t as well known as either the late James Doohan or Simon Pegg, he does have one big thing going for him — according to Polygon, he’s the first actor to play Scotty who’s actually from Scotland.

Martin Quinn, an actual Scot, plays the new Montgomery Scott in the Season 2 finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Star Trek delivers the new Scotty about halfway through “Hegemony.” On the Gorn-invaded colony Parnassus Beta, where Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and his officers are looking for survivors, Scotty — played by Martin Quinn — unintentionally captures his fellow Starfleet officers with a device meant to trap Gorn.

Still a lieutenant junior grade, Scotty is the sole survivor of the USS Stardiver, which was destroyed by the Gorn even before the lizards attacked Parnassus Beta and the orbiting USS Cayuga. Proving himself a miracle worker even this early in his Star Trek career, Scotty managed to whip up a device that made the Gorn believe his shuttle was one of their ships.

Fittingly, Scotty seems as happy with his reunion with Pelia as he would to get a massage from a Klingon.

star trek scotty
Scotty’s reunion with Pelia aboard the Enterprise

Once the heroes are able to make it back to the Enterprise, they bring Scotty along where we learn he was a student of the ship’s current chief engineer Pelia (Carol Kane). In Pelia’s words, he was one of her “best students” who earned some of her “worst grades.” Fittingly, Scotty seems as happy with his reunion with Pelia as he would to get a massage from a Klingon.

There were pretty strong hints in the finale of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ first season that Season 2 would give us a new Scotty. That episode, “A Quality of Mercy,” brought us an alternate version of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, “Balance of Terror.” We briefly hear Scotty voiced by English actor Matthew Wolf in that episode, but never see him.

Matthew Quinn in Derry Girls

Like Star Trek’s new Scotty, Matthew Quinn’s career is still relatively young. Perhaps his most prominent role before now was a one-off on the British teen sitcom Derry Girls. Though if you happen to be a Diablo IV player, you may have heard him voicing characters in the Activision Blizzard game.

While there’s no official word yet — and probably won’t be for a while considering the ongoing Actors’ and Writers’ Strikes — it seems likely Quinn will have a recurring or possibly a regular role in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 as Scotty. Considering the importance of the character to the history of Trek, reintroducing him just to take him away would be nothing more than cruel.

Martin Quinn as Scotty

The Rest Of The Original Series Heroes

Strange New Worlds has now reintroduced the majority of the characters who made up the main cast of The Original Series. Along with Martin Quinn as Star Trek’s Scotty, Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) and Spock (Ethan Peck) are part of the prequel series’ leading cast. Paul Wesley has a recurring role as James Kirk, and a number of recurring and even one-off TOS characters have much larger parts to play in Strange New Worlds.

We’re only missing new versions of Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy, helmsman Hikaru Sulu, and the Russian troublemaker Pavel Chekov. We may not see Chekov in Strange New Worlds since he was introduced later in TOS, but you never know.