The Creepy Lily Collins Thriller On Netflix Leaves You Guessing

By Steven Nelson | Updated

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Dive deep into the tangled webs of family secrets and sinister legacies as you witness Inheritance, now streaming on Netflix. Lily Collins leads the ensemble in a thrilling narrative that peels back layer after layer of dark family secrets that refuse to remain buried.

A complex maze of power, wealth, and betrayal, this movie promises to hold your gaze and keep your pulse racing until the very end. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey where every revelation could potentially change everything you thought you knew.

Lily Collins stars in the thriller Inheritance currently streaming on Netflix

In the tension-fraught thriller Inheritance, Lily Collins stars as Lauren Monroe, a determined district attorney who finds herself immersed in a complex web of secrets and deceit following the sudden death of her wealthy father, Archer Monroe, played by Patrick Warburton. 

The Monroe family comes together to mourn and settle the estate, and Lauren receives a shocking and rather dubious bequest that stands apart from the rest of the family’s substantial inheritance. This unexpected turn leads her to a secret, underground bunker hidden within the family’s vast estate.

Chace Crawford and Lily Collins

In this concealed place, Lauren discovers a man named Morgan Warner, played convincingly by Simon Pegg, who has been held captive for years, presumably by her late father. Warner alleges harrowing tales of kidnapping and torture, throwing the entire Monroe family legacy under a shadow of doubt and sinister undertones. 

Joining Lily Collins in Inheritance is Simon Pegg, Connie Nielsen, and Chace Crawford

As she grapples with this horrifying discovery, Lauren is faced with moral dilemmas and potential threats to her life, forcing her to navigate a murky world where nothing is as it seems.

Balancing her family’s public fa├žade and the sordid secrets that lurk in the background, Lily Collins delivers a riveting performance as a woman caught between loyalty, truth, and survival.

Throughout the movie, Lauren tries to unravel the truth behind Morgan’s confinement, while dealing with her brother, played by Chace Crawford, who is involved in political pursuits and seems to be willing to go to great lengths to protect the family name.

Simon Pegg in Inheritance

Inheritance takes the viewers on a labyrinthine journey of suspense and moral conundrums, where the lines between the victim and the perpetrator blur, leaving Lauren to battle with the ethics of justice versus familial allegiance. Prepare yourself for a tale where dark family secrets threaten to expose a legacy built on treachery and lies.

Despite boasting a talented cast led by Lily Collins, Inheritance unfortunately couldn’t win the favor of critics, as evidenced by its underwhelming 23 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was generally criticized for not fully exploiting its intriguing premise, with many feeling that it settled into a predictable pattern as the story progressed.

Lily Collins and Inheritance did not perform well with critics, scoring 23 percent on Rotten Tomatoes

Moreover, critics pointed out that, while the film attempted to craft a taut and suspenseful atmosphere, it was often marred by its implausible plot twists and lack of depth in the character development.

Despite the bleak critical reception, some acknowledged Collins’ performance as a strong point, appreciating her efforts in portraying a multi-faceted character stuck in a moral quagmire. Her portrayal of Lauren Monroe was seen as a committed effort, demonstrating her range and ability to lead a thriller.

lily collins inheritance

On the other hand, the audience reception was slightly more forgiving, with some viewers appreciating the dark undertones and the performances of the ensemble cast.

The film, however, still struggled to fully captivate its audience, leaving many feeling that it had missed an opportunity to delve deeper into the potentially rich and layered narrative it initially promised. The general consensus was that Inheritance remained a movie with unfulfilled potential, unable to fully leverage its star power to deliver a thoroughly gripping thriller.

In the final analysis, Inheritance appears to be a missed opportunity; a film that housed potential but stumbled in its execution. While Lily Collins gives a noteworthy performance, striving to bring depth to her role, the movie fails to match her efforts, tangled in its own implausible twists and undeveloped narrative arcs. It stands as a testament to the importance of a well-rounded script and cohesive direction to truly uplift a film to its anticipated glory. 

For those willing to overlook its flaws, there might be some merit in watching it for the strong performances and the dark, underlying themes it tries to explore. It might not be a standout in Collins’ career, but it certainly adds a different dimension to her evolving filmography, as she continues to explore diverse roles and challenging narratives.