These Last Man On Earth Clips Are As Funny As They Are Sad

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

It feels like it’s been coming forever, but this weekend most of us will get our first opportunity to watch Fox’s new comedy, The Last Man on Earth. What we’ve seen so far looks pretty damn entertaining, with Will Forte playing the title character, roaming the remnants of the planet alone, trying to fill his days. In anticipation of the debut, Fox has released a new promo, some clips from the show, and a quick behind the scenes look at the series.

You get the sense in this promo that the title may be somewhat misleading and that Phil (Forte) may not actually be the dictionary-definition last living person on Earth. You see a hand holding a gun, hear an off screen voice, and, if you’ve checked in on IMDb, you’ll notice that at least a handful of other actors who show up in multiple episodes. So if you’re a stickler for truth in show titles, there may be an issue.

With nothing particular to do on a given day, it must be quite the task to fill the hours. Some people would read or exercise or do puzzles, but Phil engages in this ever-escalating bowling game. He moves from pins to lamps to aquariums, and eventually he’s bowling with cars, which, lets be honest, looks like a lot of fun.

In this clip, he goes full Castaway, only instead of just Wilson, Phil has a bevy of friends in ball, and shuttlecock, form.

With no one else to talk to, it looks like Phil spends a fair amount of time chatting with God. He apologizes for all the masturbation, but he does get to wear Hugh Heffner’s PJs, so that’s something. Here you also learn that a virus killed everyone off (you have to wonder why there aren’t just corpses littering the ground), and it also shows off a touch of melancholy, which is bound to happen as Phil is as lonely as you can possibly get.

Here he makes himself a margarita, which has a totally different connotation than when most people utter that phrase.

This brief behind-the-scenes video gives you a bit more of the set up of the show. We learn that whatever happened went down a while ago, and Phil has been on a year-long exploration of the entire United States searching for survivors, to no avail. Again, there’s humor, but also twinges of sadness.

The Last Man on Earth premieres this Sunday, March 1, on Fox.