These Last Man On Earth Clips Are As Funny As They Are Sad

It feels like it’s been coming forever, but this weekend most of us will get our first opportunity to watch Fox’s new comedy, The Last Man on Earth. What we’ve seen so far looks pretty damn entertaining, with Will Forte playing the title character, roaming the remnants of the planet alone, trying to fill his days. In anticipation of the debut, Fox has released a new promo, some clips from the show, and a quick behind the scenes look at the series.

You get the sense in this promo that the title may be somewhat misleading and that Phil (Forte) may not actually be the dictionary-definition last living person on Earth. You see a hand holding a gun, hear an off screen voice, and, if you’ve checked in on IMDb, you’ll notice that at least a handful of other actors who show up in multiple episodes. So if you’re a stickler for truth in show titles, there may be an issue.

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Will Forte Is The Best At Everything In This Last Man On Earth Trailer

Having a protagonist be the last human being alive after some kind of catastrophe is a well used science fiction trope. From I am Legend to The Quiet Earth to WALL-E, it’s a story and character that we’ve seen many times, but we’ve never seen one quite like Will Forte’s Phil Miller in Fox’s upcoming The Last Man on Earth. It’s always someone looking for answers, searching for other survivors, but what if the last human being was just some slobby dude looking to amuse himself? This is exactly what the show envisions, and the network released this new trailer.

One of the perks of being the last person left alive, other than not having to talk to anyone or ever wait in a line again, is that you automatically become the best at everything. Phil’s now the greatest athlete alive, the handsomest, the handiest, and the smartest, as illustrated by the brilliant idea of filling up a kiddie pool with booze (we’ve all wanted to do that). Free as he is, he can do whatever he wants, like collect all the best stuff, hit on mannequins, and crash cars into each other to watch them go boom.

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Will Forte Shuffles Around An Empty World In The Last Man On Earth Trailer

The question of “what if you were the last man on Earth” has been a key part of speculative fiction since damn near day one. From Earth Abides to I Am Legend to episodes of the Twilight Zone, this scenario has been played out time and time again. Fox is getting into the act with their upcoming series The Last Man on Earth starring Will Forte. In most instances, this set up is played straight, but as you’ll see in this new trailer and these stills, that’s not the case here. Not that you didn’t expect that, Forte may have done a nice dramatic turn in last year’s Nebraska, but this is still the guy who played MacGruber.

It actually may be Forte’s ability to go serious that will keep Last Man interesting. Set in 2022, there’s a kind of Red Dwarf vibe in this trailer. This is the last human being alive, and he’s a total slob, but Forte, who also created the show, looks like he’s crafted a complete character. It’s hilarious to watch his Phil Miller shuffle around a super market in his filthy boxers and fill a shopping car full porn. He has a fun, almost Little Tramp thing going on, but at the same time there’s a deep sadness and sense of loneliness. The slapstick will only carry a show like this so far, and there needs to be something more, something meaty to hang onto, but it definitely looks like Forte brings that to the role.