Listen To This Story Of How Nathan Fillion Took Justin Bieber Down A Peg

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

nathan fillionJustin Bieber is hilarious. Who else gets arrested peeing into a mop bucket while yelling “Fuck Bill Clinton.” That shit is priceless. What’s even funnier is when he tries to bro down with his fellow celebrities and they shut him down and want nothing to do with his punk ass. Both Leonardo Di Caprio and Orlando Bloom have done this in a rather public fashion in the past, but they aren’t the only ones. And not matter how much you already love Firefly star Nathan Fillion, you will love him even more after listening to co-star Alan Tudyk recount how he put the Canadian pop star in his place.

Tudyk was onstage recently at Nerd HQ for a Q&A and charity auction. In the course of chatting with host Zachary Levi (Thor: The Dark World, Chuck) and answering questions from fans, the subject of his favorite video game came up. Turns out, Tudyk is a big Halo player, and he tells a story about hanging out with Fillion in the VIP area at a release party for Halo 2. This is where it gets good.

The two friends are sitting there, shooting aliens or whatever the hell you shoot when you play Halo with your buddies, and in walks the Biebs and his entire entourage in tow. One of his people came up to Fillion and, despite the fact that there was plenty of space in the room and multiple other consoles, told them they needed to leave because the petulant musician needed the entire room to himself. To which Fillion responded, “Yeah, yeah, that’s not happening,” and turned back to continue playing his game, like a boss.

And if you guessed that a crowd of people dressed up as superheroes and who probably waited in a very long line for the chance to listen to Tudyk talk would react positively to this story, you are correct. They totally lose their shit. But don’t take my word for it, you can watch their reaction for yourself right here. This entire video is worth checking out if you want to listen to one of your favorite sci-fi stars tell stories and shoot the shit, but the Bieber story starts around the 28:45 mark if you want to just skip ahead to the main event.

You have to wonder how Bieber responded to this. When you’re that young and entitled and aren’t used to hearing the word no when you demand things, that sounds like the perfect prelude to a hissy fit or an epic pouting session.