Firefly Tabletop RPG Officially Announced

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

It’s official! There’s now more reason to be a proud Browncoat. Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. has announced a partnership with Twentieth Century Fox to produce and publish new tabletop role-playing game products based on the cult favorite TV series Firefly. Now you can continue adventures in the ‘verse, even if we never get more onscreen Firefly.


In 2005, Margaret Weis Productions created a tabletop RPG based on the movie Serenity. Although limited in scope, the Serenity Tabletop RPG was extremely successful with fans and garnered a few Tabletop awards and several tie-in products. With this new license from Twentieth Century Fox, the fine people at Margaret Weis Productions can now expand on what they built with the original Serenity tabletop RPG.

In the press release, Margaret Weis Productions says they are looking to release products this spring both in print and digital formats. We will also most likely receive an update of the Cortex System, which was the basis for the Serenity tabletop RPG. Margaret Weis writes, ”

This project is a dream come true for me. I have been such a long-time fan of Firefly! I look forward to working with my crew to take us all back out into the Black!”

Margaret Weis Productions have also developed tabletop RPGs for other popular franchises, including Leverage, Smallville, and for Marvel Comics. About a month ago, Margaret Weis Productions teased the production of a new Firefly tabletop RPG, but couldn’t directly reference the upcoming project. This was due to the deal with Twentieth Century Fox not being officially announced yet. Instead they teased the release with clever Firefly witticisms like the terms “‘verse” and “Shiny.”