Firefly RPG May Be In The Works

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

With only 14 episodes and one movie available, Firefly fans are always eager to find other ways to get their fix of Joss Whedon’s space western. Thankfully, the show’s cult following has helped the Firefly ‘verse to expand into other media, such as comics. Now loyal Browncoats may have something new to look forward to. A leaked teaser image suggests a new Firefly roleplaying game may be in the works.


The image above popped up on the website for Margaret Weis Productions, which has produced pen-and-paper RPGs for properties such as Smallville, Supernatural, and Marvel Comics. Browncoats will instantly recognize the look of the image, not to mention the Firefly buzzword “Shiny,” all suggesting that some new announcement involving Malcolm Reynolds and company is in the works. A brief mention in a blog post about their upcoming projects also says they’re working on a project involving “a shiny new license that we can’t talk about just yet.” So, we don’t know much…but we do know it will be shiny.

Longtime Firefly fans may remember that an RPG wouldn’t be unexplored territory for MWP. They already released a Firefly game back in 2009, and released four volumes counting the initial rulebook before their licensing agreement eventually expired. From the sound of things, fans who have been playing that game over the years might soon have more material to work with. Bring on the Big Damn Heroes!