Doctor Who Infographics Track The Doctor’s Catchphrases, Last Words, And Travels

By David Wharton | Published

WhoCatchPhraseWith five decades and 12 — going on 13 — incarnations over the years, there’s a lot of Doctor Who to digest. Or, as is often the case with dedicated fans, to dissect. And let’s face it, when your five decades of stories also happen to be about a repeatedly regenerating traveler through time and space, all that history can be pretty damn hard to keep track of without some sort of a visual aid. Thankfully, the Whovians of the world are on the job and happy to help out. Sometimes, that passion and creativity manifests as something simple, like the above tribute to the various Doctor’s catchphrases, from “Nonsense!” to “Geronimo!” I wonder what the new guy’s battle cry will be.

As much as I like that one, I love this next one, which celebrates the ever-changing nature of the Doctor by highlighting each incarnation’s first and last words. If you’re a long-time Whovian, there’s a good chance one or more of these is going to make you tear up, or sigh wistfully, or go sit and cry in a dark closet while weeping violently. I do love the trend of the last few Doctors always taking a moment to comment on how weird it is to suddenly have a new body.


And here’s where things get complicated. But also damned impressive. How the hell are you supposed to sum up the Doctor’s rampant travels through time, space, and reality? Well, given how thoroughly British the character is, how about summing them up as a tube map? That’s just what a bloke named Crispian Jago did, for which we award him whatever the GFR equivalent of a No-Prize is. (We don’t have an equivalent of the No-Prize.) You can see a close-up detail of part of the map below, or click it for a full-size version of the entire thing. You can also see an interactive version on Jago’s site.


If you want an even more colorful way to fiddle around with the Doctor’s timeline, you can check out this monster right here.

Of course, the Doctor isn’t the only Who character with a, let’s just say “non-traditional” course through time and space. River Song’s life has been ridiculously convoluted from the very start, when the Doctor met her and learned that their relationship was going to unfold in reverse — his first meeting with her would be the last time she saw him (the show has since found a bit of wiggle room there, but whatever). Thankfully Doctor Who Online senior art editor Will Brooks took the time to give River an infographic of her very own. Click the image below for the full-size version.