The Nicolas Cage Completely Bonkers Video Game Rip-off You Need To See

By Robert Scucci | Published

Die-hard Five Nights at Freddy’s fans will be quick to point out that Willy’s Wonderland is a complete ripoff of their favorite intellectual property. While I’m not an authoritative expert on the dense lore that the video game series and its subsequent feature-film adaptation have to offer, I am a self-proclaimed expert in all things involving Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage In Willy’s Wonderland

Willy’s Wonderland first introduces Nicolas cage as an unnamed drifter who runs into car troubles when his Camaro drives over a suspiciously placed spike strip on a Hayesville, North Carolina highway.

Needing $1,000 to repair his car, the drifter runs into a financial snag because Hayesville is a small town with no functioning ATM. With no other choice, Nicolas Cage’s character agrees to pay for the repairs by spending the night working as a janitor at Willy’s Wonderland, a local family entertainment center not unlike Chuck E. Cheese.

With nothing but a bag containing cans of a mysterious energy drink called PUNCH, the drifter enters Willy’s Wonderland not knowing what horrors are waiting for him inside.

Unaware that the entertainment center’s doors are locked from the outside, the drifter-turned-janitor gets to work scrubbing the floors, wiping down tables, and restoring a Willy’s Wonderland themed pinball machine.

The Five Night At Freddy’s Play

It doesn’t take long for the animatronic mascots inside Willy’s Wonderland to start attacking the Janitor, starting with Ozzie Ostrich.

After a vividly violent altercation, the unphased Janitor resumes his work after taking a soda break and nursing the face wound he sustained during the initial attack.

Meanwhile, a young woman named Liv (Emily Tosta) and her friends arrive at Willy’s Wonderland to burn the building down. Through expository dialogue, it’s revealed that the mascots are possessed by the souls of eight psychotic killers who made a deal with the devil, and that the whole town is aware of this satanic curse.

Human Sacrifice?

nic cage

While Liv has personal reasons for wanting to destroy the building and its inhabitants, the Janitor just wants to get through the night and retrieve his car.

The Janitor, who’s supposed to be a human sacrifice for the demons, never speaks a word, but it’s clear that he’s starting to understand what’s at stake.

For reasons unexplained, the Janitor takes several soda breaks while playing pinball before arming himself with found objects in order to continue his rampage when the remaining mascots come to life and get hostile.

An Absolute Bloodbath

Willy's Wonderland

Willy’s Wonderland is an absolute bloodbath, but I’m using the term loosely.

While there’s a substantial amount of bloody gore found when Liv and her friends get attacked, most of the “bloody” sequences involve motor oil spewing from the mascots as they’re mercilessly bludgeoned to death by a crazed yet silent Nicolas Cage.

I thoroughly enjoyed the violent scenes because the lack of traditional gore allowed me to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the beat-downs.

Cage Rage

Willy's Wonderland

While I’m definitely biased when it comes to “Cage rage,” I don’t think anybody will disagree with me when I say that Nicolas Cage delivers a brilliant performance in Willy’s Wonderland without ever speaking a single word.

I can’t think of any other actor who can make a fight to the death with an animatronic mascot named Gus Gorilla seem so cathartic. What makes his performance so effective, in my opinion, is how well the Janitor keeps his composure throughout such an indescribably horrific ordeal involving the demonic forces hes tasked with eliminating.

Streaming Willy’s Wonderland

nicolas cage Willy's Wonderland


Willy’s Wonderland is an absolute trip that features all of the tried-and-true slasher tropes. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this film, but totally understand why some fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s may beg to differ.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, you can stream this wonderfully violent title on Tubi, The Roku Channel, Hulu, and Amazon Prime’s Freevee, to name a few.