Spider-Man 3: Olivia Wilde Hired To Direct A Spinoff

By Rick Gonzales | 2 months ago

Spider-Man 3

To be or not to be? That is always the question when it comes to Spider-Man and his entry (in this case re-entry) into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Will he or won’t he? Spider-Man: Far From Home is getting a sequel and everything else is up for grabs. This is everything we know about the next Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man 3.

The Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters

Thankfully, the to be or not to be question has been answered with a resounding TO BE! Sony and Disney have put aside their squabbles (for now) and have come to a working understanding. Sony owns Spider-Man and all the associated characters like Venom, Doc Ock and so on, but Spider-Man will be allowed to cross over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Meanwhile Sony will also be using Spider-Man to create their own interconnected universe of superheroes and supervillains. And, apparently, that universe has a name just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Sony world of superheroes is officially called The Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, or SPUMC… which if you pronounce it is spumck. I don’t know what a spumck is, but it sounds terrible.

While exact details have not been released it is known that Spider-Man will remain able to swing around in the better named Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for at least Spider-Man 3. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige remarked shortly after the agreement was reached saying Spider-Man is “the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.”

Will The Next Spider-Man Movie Be Spider-Man 3?

Spider-Man 3 already exists. That was the title of the last Sam Raimi directed, Tobey Maguire starring Spidey movie. They didn’t use a number 2 on Spider-Man: Far From Home, to it’s reasonable to assume they won’t do that on the third movie in the Tom Holland as Spider-Man era. So whatever the next Spider-Man movie is, it definitely will not be called Spider-Man 3.

Instead it sounds like it’s probably going to be called Spider-Man: Homesick. The title was leaked on the websites of Maxim Magazine and Esquire where they inadvertently listed the movie as Spider-Man: Homesick and it was discovered by Murphy’s Multiverse. The title would fit with what we expect from Spider-Man 3, given that the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home set up a future where Peter Parker is on the run from the law.

In the past there were rumors that the movie may actually end up being titled Spider-Man: Home Run. This title also makes a certain amount of sense in that it continues the home theme from Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Also we know that the movie will likely be about Spider-Man on the run from the law, so it hits that reference too.

At the same time Spider-Man: Home Run makes it sound like Spider-Man is playing baseball… which does not sound like the kind of thing any of us want to see geeky Peter Parker actually do. And does every Spider-Man movie really need to have “home” in the title? Who decided that was the franchise’s theme?

But, since we don’t know for sure whether the movie will be called Home Run or Homesick, we’ll stick with calling it Spider-Man 3 for now.

The Next Spider-Man Movie Cast

Who will return in Spider-Man 3? Here’s what we know so far.

Tom Holland – Yes, regardless of which studio is in charge, Tom Holland is coming back as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. His excitement toward the Spidey role is as infectious as it is hard to hide. “It’s been five amazing years. I’ve had the time of my life. Who knows what the future holds? But all I know is that I’m going to continue playing Spider-Man and having the time of my life,” he said.

Zendaya and Spider-Man

We also know that Zendaya will return in Spider-Man 3 as MJ and Jacob Batalon reprises his role as Spidey’s best pal Ned. It would also stand to reason that Marisa Tomei will come back as Aunt May though Jon Favreau’s role as Happy Hogan may not work out in this one as the relationship between May and Happy looks to be done.

How about Ned’s summer fling with Betty Brant? Will Angourie Rice make an appearance as Betty and keep that romance going? We don’t know.

Might Jake Gyllenhaal return as Mysterio in Spider-Man 3? Even though he appeared to die at the end of Far From Home, he is Mysterio, a villain full of tricks.

What about Michael Keaton’s Vulture? He was last seen in the post-credit scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming with an ax to grind and a potential team-up working (more on that rumor later). He’s also in the trailers for the upcoming superhero movie Morbius.

J.K. Simmons? Fans were excited to see Simmons briefly reprise his role as the loudmouth, Spider-Man hating J. Jonah Jameson in that very revealing post-credit scene in Far From Home. This may very well be the jumping-off point to get Spider-Man 3 rolling.

Robert Downey Jr.

We recently learned that Robert Downey Jr. has signed a deal with Marvel to appear in more movies and television shows as Tony Stark. One of those ideas has him mentory a new, female Iron Man as an A.I. But apparently that won’t be the only way he returns. Word is that Robert Downey Jr. is set to appear in Spider-Man 3.

The appearance is rumored to be just a cameo. If he appears, it’ll be as an A.I. version of Tony Stark. Presumably Marel is using this as a way to establish the A.I. Tony before they put him to work mentoring the character Ironheart on her TV show.

The good news here is that Marvel is not bringing Tony Stark back from the dead. It sounds like he’s going to stay dead, and they’ve found a different way to keep Stark involved in the Marvel universe.

Who’s In Charge?

With the major success with the previous two Spider-Man movies (we are talking the new Spider-Man, not the original or the reboot, but the second reboot), Jon Watts will return for the third time. Smart play as he handled the first two with Spidey-like abilities.

Spider-Man 3’s Release Date

This one is firm, for now. After the announcement that Sony and Marvel had made up, they also announced a date for Spider-Man 3: July 16, 2021. That release date has now been scrapped due to COVID-19.

Instead, Spider-Man 3 is currently scheduled to be released on December 17, 2021.

The Plot Of Spider-Man 3

Murky waters we are in here. Rumors galore are following the Spider-Man 3 production and it is hard to say which direction Watts is going to take Spider-Man. What we do know for sure is this: Unless we get Spider-Man into a time travel sequence, the world population as we know it has just learned (thank you Mysterio and J. Jonah Jameson) that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Other than that, this story has the potential to go off in a number of different directions. That is an exciting thought.

What’s Reality Here – We’ve spoken about it (see above) but it just opens up so many things for Spider-Man and where his story may lead. The world knows who Spider-Man is. This is a big change from the comic and any of the previous movies. Spider-Man has always had the luxury of his secret identity. But not anymore. But with Mysterio and his collaborators involved, we don’t know if it’s live or if it’s Memorex.


We’ve heard for awhile now that actor Charlie Cox of Netflix’s Daredevil fame is making an appearance in Spider-Man 3 as Matt Murdock, Peter Parker’s lawyer. But it looks like that rumor is dead. Charlie Cox himself debunked it telling CINEMABLEND: “I hadn’t heard those rumors, but it’s certainly not with my Daredevil. I’m not involved in it. If that’s true, it’s not with me. It’s with another actor.

It’s always possible that Marvel could be rebooting the character and having him played by another actor. However it doesn’t look like Charlie Cox will play Daredevil.

An Avenger Team-Up?

Nick Fury for Spider-man 3

Perhaps more than one Avenger might show up. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury could and should be penciled in as his character (actually a Skrull) made a huge impact on Far From Home. But he wouldn’t be the only one making an appearance.

If one is to believe rumors, Marvel wants Ant-Man to appear in the movie and team-up with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

The desire to turn this into an Ant-Man/Spider-Man team-up movie comes at least in part from Tom Holland, who is reportedly a huge fan of Paul Rudd and his Scott Lang character. Holland wants Ant-Man in the movie and according to various scoopers, Marvel does too.

With Spider-Man on the wrong side of the law after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home it’s easy to imagine Lang, who has himself spent a lot of time in the legal system’s crosshairs, actually being a pretty big help here. How exactly they’ll work him into the script, though, remains to be seen. Spider-Man And The Ant-Man would look good on a movie poster, though.

Flash Thompson

In the Spider-Man comics and in previous versions of the character, Flash Thompson was something of an antagonist for Peter Parker. In the most recent Spider-Man movies the character has been played by Tony Revolori who has played him more as unintentional comic relief. He’s also been portrayed as an over the top, wannabe ladies man, which might actually mean this latest rumor sort of make sense.

The latest word is that Marvel plans to make Flash Thompson gay in one of their upcoming Spider-Man movies. It’s not clear yet if this will happen in Spider-Man 3 or in one of their later projects, just that they want to do it at some point in the future. Handled properly though, it could totally work. Additionally, given what we’ve seen from him as an actor so far, fans can probably trust Tony Revolori to deliver the right kind of performance.

Spider-Man’s Love Interest

Felicia Hardy

Mary Jane has always been Spider-Man’s only girlfriend in all the movie incarnations in the character. But in the comics he also falls in love with Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, and for a lot of hardcore fans she’s his real soul mate.

Felicia has never really made it into the movies as a love interest for Peter Parker (though there were plans to have Anne Hathaway play her in Sam Raimi’s never made Spider-Man 4), but word is that’s about to change. This source says she’ll be introduced in the upcoming Spider-Man 3.

That doesn’t mean Zendaya is out as MJ. MJ will still be Peter’s main affection, but Felicia Hardy is rumored to be introduced in the next movie with some sort of attraction lingering between her and Peter.

Spider-Man Villains

Will The Real Spider-Man 3 Villains Please Stand Up – Let the guessing game begin. Who or how many villains will Spider-Man be forced to face? If you recall, the post-credit scene at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michael Keaton’s Vulture met up with inmate Mac Gargan (played by Michael Mando. Check out his neck tattoo) and had a nice little discussion.

So will we see the Vulture and Scorpion team up in Spider-Man 3? Will they be regulated to smaller roles with the idea of setting up what many fans are hoping for, The Sinister Six? For those not in the know, the original Sinister Six was comprised of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture. The only villain of the six not seen so far in any of the Spider-Man movies, to include the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield versions is Kraven the Hunter, which brings us to…

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven in Spider-Man 3

Fans have long wanted Jason Momoa cast as the iconic Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter in the Spider-Man franchise. It hasn’t happened yet, but with Kraven rumored as the villain in Spider-Man 3, now is the time.

Here’s one artists rendering of what Momoa could look like as Kraven. It’s awesome…

And here’s another one. It’s almost too perfect…

Another rumor is that Marvel is looking to cast Pedro Pascal as Kraven in Spider-Man 3. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the actor under the helmet as the star of the hit Disney Plus Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. He’s also the secondary villain of the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. You’ve probably seen him in a suit talking up some strange eighties ideas in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer.

Pedro Pascal for Spider-Man 3
Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984

Other rumors suggest that the film may feature two villains teaming up, with Kraven either teaming with Scorpion or Chameleon. We know of Mac Gargan but a fact some could have overlooked is that in Spider-Man: Far From Home, actor Numan Acar portrayed Nick Fury’s assistant Dmitri. In the comics, Dmitri Smerdyakov is the Chameleon. Fans are trying to put two and two together.



Back to Michael Keaton – The Vulture has a score to settle and it just may be in Spider-Man 3 that he gets that chance. The post-credit scene in jail leads us to believe so and if more proof is needed, Michael Keaton showing up in the Morbius trailer could give it…

Trailer for Morbius featuring Vulture

Does this mean Spider-Man will cross-over into Morbius territory? They are enemies in the comics. What about a possible Morbius sighting in Spider-Man 3? Is this all laying the groundwork for a future Spidey-Morbius dance?



We know Venom 2 is happening. Rumors are hot on the fact that Tom Holland will play some part of that film. Will Tom Hardy bring his Venom to Spider-Man 3 or like Morbius, is this a set up for future Spider-Man films?

Doctor Octopus

Spider Villain

Sony is also working on a Sinister Six villain team-up movie, and many believe Doctor Octopus might make his debut there, though he will likely show up in a Spider-Man movie at some point.

Doc Ock was most memorably played by Alfred Molina in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Molina’s portrayal is still regarded as one of the best villains in movie history. Filling his shoes will be tough. So we’re hearing rumors that Sony won’t try, and that they’re going in a totally different direction with the character for Tom Holland’s Spider-Verse by gender-swapping it.

Doctor Octopus was already gender-swapped for the Into the Spider-Verse movie, but that made sense since that takes place in a variety of alternate universe. They even had a Spider-Pig. But to do it in the prime Spider-Man timeline could be a disappointment to a lot of Spider-Man fans who really love the villainous character.

One rumor shot down by the actor himself is that Jared Harris will be playing Doc Ock. As seen in the Morbius trailer, his unnamed character is involved with Michael Morbius, appearing as a doctor in a white lab coat. Again, fans are trying to add up clues and Doc Ock became their answer. But Harris denied the rumor (and why wouldn’t he). “No,” Harris told Variety Fair at the SAG Awards 2020 when asked about the Doctor Octopus rumors. “I love the imagination that the fans have, it’s exciting for me to think about the imagination that that fans have. But yeah no, [I’m not playing Doc Ock].”


Kingpin was most recently played, to great critical acclaim, by Vincent D’Onofrio in the Netflix Daredevil series. Many have pointed to his performance as Kingpin and said it’s one of the best villain performances of all time, right up there with Heath Ledger’s Joker. It makes sense that Marvel would want more of that. So they may be bringing him back.

WGTC claims that even though the Netflix superhero shows on which he started have all been cancelled, Kingpin will show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s more, Marvel Studios wants Vincent D’Onofrio to keep playing him. He’ll hopefully cameo in one of the upcoming Spider-Man movies as a way to re-introduce him. It could be in Spider-Man 3 with an eye to having him as the main villain for Spider-Man 4.

If D’Onofrio doesn’t sign on, there are alternatives. Some fans think WWE wrestler Paul Wight aka The Big Show would be a big fit as the character. Here’s one fan’s rendering of The Big Show as Kingpin…

The Big Show seems to agree he’d be a good fit. In an interview he said, “The one that really I’m looking at it, I would love if they do a remake, I’m definitely going to go after pretty hard is that they do a Daredevil remake. And I’m going to definitely go after Kingpin pretty hard. I think Kingpin’s a shoe-in for me.”

Kingpin has always been one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes, but we’ve never actually seen him face off against the wall crawler on screen. If they’re going to use Kingpin to fight Spider-Man, then even though Kingpin has the physicality there’s no one better than D’Onofrio.

Spider-Man’s Popularity

How successful Spider-Man 3 will or won’t be at the box office will at least in part be determined by how well the wall-crawler maintains his popularity among the movie going public. And according to a new, comprehensive survey of the American public, his earning potential is as big or bigger than ever.

The national survey conducted by the organization OnePoll discovered that while Superman, surprisingly, remains the most popular superhero; Spider-Man is a close second. Spidey beat out Batman who comes in at number three.

Here’s the top ten…

  1. Superman
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Batman
  4. Captain America
  5. Iron Man
  6. Wonder Woman
  7. Aquaman
  8. Captain Marvel
  9. Black Panther
  10. Wolverine

It is perhaps worth noting however, that if you were to rank superheroes by their solo movie box office numbers the clear number one is Black Panther. He’s followed by Iron Man, Captain America, Aquaman and then at number five is Spider-Man with Far From Home earning $1.1 billion.

The Future Of Spider-Man

The future of the Spider-Man franchise may end up being its past. Word is that Sam Raimi may be offered the job of directing the movie that comes after Spider-Man 3.

Raimi is currently directing the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for Marvel. So he is already dipping his toes into this universe. And, of course, Raimi knows Spider-Man better than just about anyone having directed all three of the Tobey Maguire starring Spider-Man films. Many still rank his Spider-Man 2 not only as the best Spider-Man movie, but maybe as the best superhero movie ever produced.

Whether Raimi returns to Spider-Man or not will likely depend in large part on our Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness does. Raimi has been out of the big blockbuster directing world for awhile, and probably needs to prove he still has the chops.

Replacing Tom Holland

New Spider-Man

Long term the future of Spider-Man may not be Tom Holland and it may not even be Peter Parker. After Spider-Man 3, rumor is that plans are already under way to replace Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Miles Morales.

To play Miles Morales, the latest word is that Sony and Marvel are eyeing  Myles Truitt to be Miles and take over as Spider-Man. 18-year-old Truitt is currently the star of the TV series Black Lightning.

Spider-Man 3
Actor Myles Truitt

The character of Miles Morales was introduced as Spider-Man in the comics and he’s currently the star of the animated Spider-Man movie series Into the Spiderverse. But word is that Marvel wants their live action movies to be more diverse so they are heading in this direction according to this tweet from scooper Daniel Richtman

“Love where the MCU is headed diversity wise. We had an all white 6 Avengers at first but down the line we’ll get a black Captain America (Sam), Spider-Man (Miles) and Captain Marvel (Monica). Asian with Shang-Chi and Sersi and Muslim with Ms. Marvel and Blade.”

Elaborating on his initial statement, Richtman later added in a tweet which he quickly deleted: “Sam replaced Steve, Miles will replace Peter down the line and Monica will replace her.”

Since that initial report from Richtman we’ve begun to hear even more details about the studio’s Miles Morales plan. Now word is that they’re planning to make Miles Morales gay, as well. That’s something that hasn’t been explored with the Morales character in the comics, where he’s strictly heterosexual. But reportedly Marvel studios wants a gay Spider-Man on screen once Peter Parker’s time being the wall-crawler is done.

We’ve already had hints that the live-action Spider-Man movies may be heading towards bringing in Miles Morales. Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced Miles’ uncle Aaron Davis who in turn referenced his nephew. And in the past, current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has lobbied to have Miles character show up in his movies too.

Spider-Man At The Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus

For now though, Sony and Marvel have made up, Tom Holland is Spider-Man and Disney seems committed to making it work. They’re even adding Spider-Man to their theme-parks and in a big way. Spidey will be the featured attraction when Disneyland’s California Adventure opens its new Avengers Campus.

For those of you who are familiar with California Adventure settings, this new Avengers Campus is located where the A Bug’s Life attraction once stood and very near to the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout! attraction. Disney’s goal in this venture is to create a Marvel Land for its fans.

Disney plans to have a life-like Spider-Man animatronic web swinging over Avengers Campus as people walk down below. Check out the video below of Spider-Man getting ready for his Avengers Campus debut with some amazing stunts.

And here’s a closer look at the robotics behind making it happen…

Avengers Campus is scheduled for two phases. This first phase will swing fans right along with Spidey in Disney’s first ride-through attraction that features the webhead.

Visitors will enter the Worldwide Engineering Brigade or WEB. Once inside, guests will be invited to test drive their latest invention they call the Web-Slinger vehicle. The vehicle allows riders, via their own hand gestures, to sling webs just like Spider-Man. The ride itself lets riders feel what it’s like to have Spidey’s superpowers while you help him collect the Spider-Bots that have gotten loose. 

Spider-Man Spinoffs

Spider-Woman for Spider-Man 3

While Spider-Man remains part of the Marvel universe for now, he’s actually owned by Sony where they’ve been creating their own separate superhero universe with movies like Venom and Morbius. Word is that part of their plan to bring their own universe of movies together involves Spider-Woman.

Marvel has officially hired Olivia Wilde to direct a secret project, as part of their push to increase diversity among their ranks. It’s strongly hinted that this project will be a Spider-Woman movie.

Olivia Wilde was once best known as an actress but now she’s pushing to become a director. In 2019 she directed her first feature, the movie Booksmart. Katie Silberman, who also co-wrote Booksmart, will write the script for this project.

Sony/Marvel currently developing a Spider-Woman film it’s always possible they could find a way to get her to pop up in Spider-Man 3. But whether she shows up there or not, her day is coming and word is Sony knows who they want to play her: Alicia Vikander.

You know Alicia Vikander best from the most recent Tomb Raider movie where she played Lara Croft. She’s also an Academy Award winner.

Sony’s Spider-Woman movie is still in early development and they haven’t locked Vikander up for the part yet. Still, don’t be surprised if she pops up somewhere, maybe even in Spider-Man 3, wearing a Spider-costume.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland is Peter Parker and right now there is no Spider-Man 3 without Tom Holland. He’s been a huge cheerleader for the franchise and seems delighted to be part of the Marvel universe. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to do other work on the side.

In between Spider-Man movies, Holland is working on a movie called Cherry with The Russo Brothers. It’s a crime-drama about an army medic with PTSD who gets addicted to drugs. Tom Holland is apparently totally transforming himself into someone else to play the character.

We just got our first look at him in Cherry and he couldn’t look less like Spider-Man and more like a total, freaked out creep. Take a look…

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Give me bright, happy, silly Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3 any day.

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