Disney Plus Shows Coming Soon: Donald Glover Returns As Lando

Disney has already made announcements for the next several years of original content and favorite movies that will be coming to their Disney Plus streaming library soon.

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The Disney Plus streaming service has officially launched and fans are now able to join, load up the site, and see which of their favorite shows and movies have made it onto the site. But what about the beloved movies that aren’t there yet? And what else will be coming in the future?

Disney has already made announcements for the next several years of original content and favorite movies that will be coming to their Disney Plus streaming library soon.

Let’s take a look at what’s coming to Disney Plus.

Marvel Originals Coming On Disney Plus

Falcon and The Winter Soldier | On Disney+ August 2020

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Coming On Disney Plus

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will be taking on their Avengers roles in this new series starring Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The actor Daniel Brül will also be appearing as Zemo and Emily Van Camp will be seen as Sharon Carter. The series has six episodes planned. Disney Plus isn’t revealing much of the plot, beyond the fact that the characters will be dealing with moving forward saving the world after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

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Loki | Coming To Disney Plus In 2021

Loki coming on Disney Plus

Disney’s Loki series will follow Loki’s adventures after he stole the Tesseract. In some ways this series will be a prequel, as the character will travel back in time and step in to major historical events to cause mischief as only Loki can. Tom Hiddleston will play Loki for this six episode series. There isn’t yet news on who else from the Marvel Cinematic Universe may join him. Loki will debut exclusively on Disney Plus in the spring of 2021.

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Hawkeye | On Disney Plus 2021

Hawkeye coming to Disney Plus
Concept art courtesy of Disney Plus

Jeremy Renner will return to his role as Clint Barton (Hawkeye) in this new series based on the Matt Fraction comic books. The character of Kate Bishop will be a star player in the series, though Disney Plus hasn’t yet announced an actress for her role. Renner has said that his character will be passing on the “Hawkeye” title to Kate Bishop, and discovering areas she may be better at the job than he has been. This Disney Plus series is expected to debut in the fall of 2021.

WandaVision | On Disney Plus December 2020

WandaVision coming to Disney Plus

WandaVision will be a six episode sitcom series. It follows the Marvel characters Scarlet Witch and Vision, who will be played by returning actors Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. The series has been called different, strange and odd – so you can expect something unusual with this show. The WandaVision story takes place after Avengers: Endgame.

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Ms. Marvel | Arriving 2022

Ms. Marvel coming soon

Ms. Marvel made her first appearance in Captain Marvel comics, though they are not the same person at all. Ms. Marvel’s real name is Kamala Kahn and she’s a relatively new Marvel Comics invention, having made her debut in print with a solo series published in 2014. Kamala is a teenage Pakistani-American girl living in Jersey City. She discovers she has shapeshifting abilities and eventually takes over for Captain Marvel in the comics.

She-Hulk | On Disney Plus 2022

She-Hulk has been around in comic form since 1980, an invention of Stan Lee and John Buscema. She got her Hulk-like powers from her cousin Bruce Banner when, after an emergency blood-transfusion, she was gifted with a milder form of Bruce’s Hulk superpowers. So while she’s big, green and strong… she’s not dumb like Hulk. She-Hulk (whose real name is Jennifer Susan Walters) retains her own personality and intelligence while also gaining the ability to smash stuff.

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Moon Knight | Arriving In 2022

Moon Knight coming to Disney Plus

Moon Knight made his first appearance in 1975 on the pages of Marvel Comics. He’s since become something of a cult favorite. The character, whose real name is Marc Spector, is often compared to Batman… if Batman had multiple personality disorder and were far less stable. He’s also one of the Avengers, which could lead to some interesting tie-ins with the Avengers movie franchise down the road.

Fans have begun lobbying for Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe to take on the role. When Radcliffe heard about the campaign to get him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he had this response…

I have heard this, yes. I don’t understand what a Moon Knight is. But sign me up! No, I would love to. … It’s kind of crazy. Every single time I open Instagram, it’s like, ‘MOON KNIGHT!’ And I’m like, ‘This is so great and thank you, but I don’t know what it is!’ No one’s called me. But yeah, definitely. I would love to be a Marvel superhero. That would be a dream. Tell all of your viewers to go and stand outside Marvel headquarters!

One fan even put together a mockup of what Radcliffe would look like as the Marvel character…

For now, we’re still waiting on Disney to announce a release date for Moon Knight on Disney Plus.

Marvel’s What If… | 2021

This new animated Marvel series begs the question of what would happen if major events in the Marvel films happened a different way. This series is based on the comic series of the same name. Many of the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies will be voicing their characters in the animated series, including Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/Ironman. This series will premiere on Disney Plus in 2021.

Apparently one of the episodes will feature an alternate universe where Peter Parker becomes Hawkeye instead of Spider-Man. Here’s a leaked image of Tom Holland’s Parker in Hawkeye uniform for the Disney Plus show…

And here’s a closer look…

Spider-Man 2099 | Early Development

Spider-Man Disney Plus

Frequently correct superhero scooper Mikey Sutton says Disney is working on a new live-action Spider-Man TV show. It’ll be a Marvel-Sony collaboration and it won’t be about Peter Parker.

Instead it’ll be based on a series of futuristic comics called Spider-Man 2099. Those comics tell the story of Miguel O’Hara, an engineer of Irish-Mexican heritage who becomes Spider-Man. They were written by legendary author Peter David and Rick Leonardi.

The show hasn’t been greenlit yet, it’s still in early discussions. For this to even be considered though, the relationship between Marvel and Sony must be much closer than anyone previously suspected. That’s nothing but great news for Spider-Man fans.

Ironheart | Early Development

Disney Plus series

After Avengers: Endgame Robert Downey Jr. was supposed to be done with the Marvel universe and moving on to other things. But his follow-up, Doctor Dolittle, was a terrible flop and Marvel has always wanted him to stick around anyway. So now Downey and Marvel have reportedly inked a new deal. As part of it, word is that he’ll return as Tony Stark in their new limited Disney Plus series Ironheart.

In Marvel Comics, Ironheart is a teenage girl of color named Riri Williams who reverse engineers Tony Stark’s armor to build her own. When he’s injured and left in a coma, she takes over his superhero gig protecting people in his stead as Ironheart. Eventually Stark wakes up and is so impressed with her work he helps her, even giving her an AI version of himself to guide and mentor her.

God of War art director Rafa Grassetti recently put together this piece of concept art to give us an idea of what a live-action Ironheart could look like…

That AI version of Tony Stark could be where Robert Downey Jr. ends up fitting in. Even though Tony Stark is dead, it would make senses that an AI version of him might still be around. He’d take on a mentor role to Riri, which would allow RDJ to avoid having to do all those superhero type stunts that he’s aging out of.

Cable & Deadpool | Rumored Development

Deadpool and Cable

Now that Deadpool is owned by Marvel and by extension Disney, his R-rated antics don’t exactly fit with their PG-13 brand. They fit even less well with Disney Plus, so they’re toning Deadpool down to a PG-13 and bringing him to the streaming platform as part of a new. Or at least that’s the word according to this report.

Reportedly the show will focus mainly on Josh Brolin’s Cable character, who first appeared in Deadpool 2. It’ll be about Cable traveling through time and likely involve his daughter as well. Deadpool is expected to appear, though only in a supporting capacity.

The good news here is that since this is primarily a Cable show, it likely won’t impact the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie all that much. That movie will, hopefully anyway, still be extremely rated-R. Deadpool will just have to watch his mouth for a few extended cameos on Disney Plus.

Star Wars Originals Coming On Disney Plus

Star Wars: The Bad Batch | Coming To Disney Plus

Lucasfilm has officially announced they’re beginning production on a Star Wars show called The Bad Batch. It’s a spinoff of the Clone Wars and it will follow a group of four experimental clones. Get more info on the show in our Guide To Upcoming Star Wars Television Shows.

Expect to see The Bad Batch on Disney Plus in 2021.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Coming To Disney Plus

Obi Wan coming to Disney Plus

Disney has confirmed Obi-Wan Kenobi will get his own solo series on Disney Plus. Ewan McGregor is signed to return as the character he took over from Alec Guinness in the Star Wars prequels. The show, which does not have an official title yet, takes place in the period between Star Wars Episode III and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Series is currently slated to debut as six one-hour episodes in season 1. Currently there are no plans for season 2, though that could change. Expect Obi-Wan Kenobi to arrive on Disney Plus in the summer of 2021. For more detailed information on the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show visit our All We Know About Obi-Wan On Disney Plus guide.

Cassian Andor Series On Disney Plus

Cassian Andor on Disney Plus

Disney is working on a series based around Cassian Andor, the character played by Diego Luna in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Since Rogue One ended with Cassian’s death, the new Disney Plus series will be a prequel, set before the events of Rogue One. It’ll cover Cassian’s adventures in the early days of the Rebel Alliance, back when they were first getting started resisting the evils of the Empire.

Star Wars: Jedi Temple

Ahmed Best
Ahmed Best as Jar Jar in The Phantom Menace

Star Wars: Jedi Temple will be the first ever game show set in the Star Wars universe. It’ll primarily be geared towards kids with Ahmed Best, best known as the man who played Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequels, hosting the show as a Jedi Master testing young Padawans. The tests will be contests in which kids attempt challenges involving lightsabers, hyperspace, the light and dark side of The Force. The tests will happen in three different locations: a forest planet, a Jedi star cruiser (I had no idea that was a thing), and within the titular Jedi Temple itself. Star Wars: Jedi Temple will likely be a lot like a classic Nickelodeon game show, in the vein of Double Dare or the similarly named Legends of the Hidden Temple. Expect Jedi Temple to stream on Disney Plus some time in 2020.

Disney Originals Coming On Disney Plus

True Lies: The Series | In Development

Disney Plus series

We’ve heard rumors for awhile now that Disney might be developing a series based on the classic 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie True Lies. They acquired the rights to the property when they purchased 20th Century Fox in 2019. Now it looks like the project is actually moving forward.

Reportedly both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise their roles as Harry and Helen Tasker in the series. They aren’t going to be series regulars on the show, but are expected to have recurring roles in the first season of True Lies: The Series.

A series based on an ultra-violent rated-R action movie seems like an odd fit for Disney Plus, so don’t be surprised if they tone things down for the series. It’s easy to imagine them focusing on the comedy of the original movie and turning into a vehicle for Helen and Harry’s kids (or even grandkids at this point) to become spies and go on family friend spy adventures. Alternatively, they could go hard with turning True Lies into an edgy action series and simply shift the series over th Hulu (which they also own) instead of Disney Plus.

Percy Jackson | In Development For Disney Plus

Disney is turning the beloved series of Percy Jackson books into a streaming series. Here’s the announcement from the books’ author Rick Riordan…

It was a decade ago that Hollywood first turned the Percy Jackson series into movies. The attempt wasn’t well received and they slipped from theaters un-noticed. This time thing should be much better for Percy Jackson.

Gaston & LeFou | A Beauty and the Beast Prequel Series Coming To Disney Plus

Disney Plus series

Disney is working on a new live-action Beauty and the Beast series for their new streaming service. According to the trades, the series will actually be a prequel to Beauty & the Beast focused entirely on the antics of bumbling villain Gaston and his sidekick LeFou. Luke Evans and Josh Gad, who played Gaston and LeFou respectively in Disney’s live-action Beauty & the Beast remake, will return to reprise their roles.

This will be a limited series getting only six episodes and it’s also a musical. Alan Menken, who composed the music for Disney’s live-action Beauty & The Beast remake is on board to come up with songs for the cast to sing.

Giving Gaston and LeFou their own series is an interesting decision given that the two characters were easily the most controversial thing about Disney’s 2017 Beauty & the Beast. For the redo LeFou was changed into a gay character who fawns over Gaston. Some fans loved it, others hated it. Now the debate can continue over a six-episode spread.

The Mighty Ducks | A Series Coming To Disney Plus

Mighty Ducks Star Brady Noon

Disney is getting a new team together and bringing back The Mighty Ducks. The franchise produced three movies from the years 1992 to 1996 before it came to an end. They were hits at the time and in the interim, the first two movies at least, have become family classics. So now it’s becoming a series on Disney Plus. They’ve ordered 10-episodes.

The Mighty Ducks series will star Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame and 14-year-old actor Brady Noon. The story is about a Mighty Ducks player named Evan (Noon) who is cut from the team and, with the help of his mother (Graham), decides to form his own hockey team of oddballs to play against the Ducks.

Emilio Estevez has confirmed he will return to the franchise to play Coach Gordon Bombay. He says, “Once a Duck, always a Duck! And after 25 years, I am delighted to lace up my skates, put on Coach Bombay’s jacket and return to play the iconic character for this new chapter in The Mighty Ducks franchise. Likewise, I am thrilled to return to my old stomping grounds with my friends at Disney and Steve Brill, the original creator of the franchise, to join them on their exciting new platform, Disney+.

Apparently in this series The Mighty Ducks are actually the villains of the story. In the wake of the Mighty Duck’s past success as a bunch of scrappy weirdos in the 90s, apparently the organization has become the kind of cut-throat win-first hockey team they used to fight against.

Turner & Hooch: The Series | In Production

Turner & Hooch series

Disney has officially ordered a series based on the classic Tom Hanks movie Turner & Hooch. The new version will star Josh Peck, taking on the Hanks role of Scott Turner. Turner is a fastidious U.S. Marshall who inherits a big, slobbery dog named Hooch. He wants nothing to do with his new pet, until he figures out they’re a good team.

Disney Plus has already committed to 12 episodes of the Turner & Hooch series, which will be written and executive produced by Matt Nix. Nix is best known as the mind behind the successful TNT series Burn Notice. More recently he’s been behind the superhero show The Gifted on Fox.

33-year-old Josh Peck has been doing a lot of voice work recently, but he’s been working steadily in TV and film since 2000.

Muppets Now Headed To Disney Plus

Muppets Now

Muppets Now is being described using words such as “short-form” and “unscripted” but no one seems to have clearly defined what those words mean. Does unscripted mean this will be an improv show, and if so how can you do improv with Muppets? Does short-form mean these will be something like SNL’s digital shorts and not full-fledged episodes?

What we do know is that Muppets Now will feature celebrity guest-stars, much as the original Muppet Show used to. Also Kermit, Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzy and all the rest are almost definitely going to be involved. Expect Muppets Now to premiere on Disney Plus in 2020.

Monsters At Work Coming On Disney Plus

Were you a fan of the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc? Then you may be looking forward to the new Disney Plus series, Monsters At Work. This series will have Billy Crystal and John Goodman voicing the beloved characters of Mike and Sully, though the series will star characters voiced by Ben Feldman as Tylor Tuskmon. The story for this original series will begin six months after the end of the film, which means that the power plant formerly powered by making children scream not makes them laugh. The main character, Tylor Tuskmon, is a rookie monster at the power plant who aspires to be as great as Mike and Sully. You can expect to see Monsters At Work on Disney Plus in 2020.

Big Shot Coming To Disney Plus

John Stamos in Big Shot

John Stamos is set to star in this 10-episode dramedy from David E. Kelley, creator of Ally McBeal. Big Shot has Stamos as a moody college basketball coach fired and forced to end up teaching at an all-girls private school. I’m imagining something like The Mighty Ducks on hardwood, if this goes right. Or it’ll be just another forgettable Disney Channel knockoff, if it goes totally wrong. Either way, lessons will be learned. Expect it to arrive on Disney Plus some time in 2020.

Diary of a Female President Coming On Disney Plus

Gina Rodriguez

Created by and starring Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin, Diary of a Female President is a half-hour comedy about a Cuban-American teen who will later in life becomes president. Expect “hey remember when…” voiceovers in the vein of How I Met Your Mother, to start each episode. Rodriguez is more of a recurring character than the focus of the show (perhaps the adult version of our hero?). Selenis Leyva and Michael Weaver have been tapped to star in the Disney Plus series when it arrives in 2020.

Lizzie McGuire Sequel Series

Lizzie Maguire on Disney Plus

Hilary Duff will be returning for the sequel series, though there isn’t yet word on whether the other two stars who played Gordo (Adam Lamberg) and Miranda (Lalaine Vergara-Paris) will be returning to the show. The series will begin on Lizzie McGuire’s 30th birthday, where she is living in New York City and working as an apprentice for an interior designer. The original Disney series is expected to premiere on the streaming platform in 2020.

Future Disney Plus Shows In Development

X-Men: The Animated Series

The 90s X-Men animated series may be one of the greatest animated television programs ever produced. Decades after its release the show is still wildly popular and for many people, it’s still the version of the X-Men they think of most when the mutant superhero team is mentioned. So it makes sense that Disney might want to resurrect it for Disney Plus.

Cosmic Book News uncovered this artwork floating around on Disney’s website teasing something they’re working on…

The image shows the X-Men newly drawn but in the look and style of the 90s animated series. Rumor has it that this is a tease indicating that Disney is working on an updated version of the 90s X-Men show.



Since the moment it launched, fans have clamored for Disney Plus to give us a new version of the classic animated series Gargoyles. Now we’re hearing rumblings that it might actually be happening.

Beau DeMayo, who’s currently writing on the Disney Plus Moon Knight series, is a huge Gargoyles fan. While talking to ComicBook.com about how much he loves the show and wants to write a new version of it, he dropped this tidbit: “I thought Jordan Peele was doing something with it, I thought I heard.”

There’s been talk of Jordan Peele making a new version of Gargoyles for awhile now, but most assumed his project was dead. But if DeMayo, who’s an insider at Disney Plus, is hearing that it’s actually happening, that’s good news indeed.

In recent years Jordan Peele has built a resume on being a masterful horror storyteller (Get Out, Candyman) and also doing hilarious voice work in animated movies (Toy Story 4, Storks). So you have a director with a flair for the macabre and a talent for kid-friendly animation? Sounds like the perfect guy to make a new version of Gargoyles for Disney Plus.

Unfortunately, if there’s something happening with Gargoyles the show’s creator, Greg Weisman, hasn’t heard anything about it. But he desperately wants to bring it back. Talking to Polygon he says…

Gargoyles is still my baby. I don’t own it. I don’t get a dime off of it being on Disney Plus. And yet I’m so thrilled that it is, I’m thrilled that it represents a chance — even if it’s a slim chance — to bring it back. I’ve always wanted to do more. I’ve got a timeline for the show that’s 315 pages long. I’ve got notebooks and comp books full of ideas for it. Spin-off notions and all sorts of things. Literally nothing would make me happier than to go back and do more Gargoyles…

He’s especially excited about the idea of turning Gargoyles into a live-action movie, if he could find anyone to let him do it. When asked about a live-action Gargoyles Weisman said…

I’d love to, especially if they let me write and produce it. Obviously no one wants a bad version of Gargoyles, and if it sucked, that would be horrible. But even if it sucked, it might be high-profile enough to let us do more Gargoyles comics, or more of the show. That’s a deal I’d take. I don’t earn any money off of Gargoyles. Disney owns it 100%, but I obviously feel territorial about it. And I’d love to see the property be able to grow. As long as nothing is being done with it, that’s impossible. But if something is done with it, and I think being on Disney Plus counts as something, there’s at least a shot at allowing us to tell more stories in that universe. That would be huge for me, emotionally.

Weisman is so passionate about Gargoyles at one point he tried to launch a Twitter campaign to gain momentum behind reviving the show…

Female-Led Indiana Jones

Disney is working on a fifth Indiana Jones movie which will probably star Harrison Ford, but with Harrison well past his prime they’re looking for new ways to extend the Indian Jones brand. WGTC claims they plan to do it by making Indiana Jones a woman and giving her a TV show.

If their sources are correct, then the star of this Indiana Jones TV show would be his daughter. Indiana Jones 4 was entirely about Indy’s son and we didn’t see a daughter, but that doesn’t mean Hollywood can’t conjure one to meet the demands of social and political trends.

Indiana Jones creator Steven Spielberg is expected to executive produce the show which will have Indy’s daughter running around on adventures in much the same style as her Dad did.

Pirates of the Caribbean Prequel

Pirates on Disney Plus

The website WGTC claims that Disney is working on not one, but two prequels to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The first movie was a critical and box office hit so they made four additional films. Each movie got worse reviews and lower box office numbers, but all-told the original Pirates of the Caribbean movies combined made Disney $4.5 billion dollars. So they want more. Their plan is to make both Pirates of the Caribbean prequels into series on Disney Plus.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Series #1

Johnny Depp is now definitely too old to play a young version of Captain Jack Sparrow so the rumor-mongers say their goal for the first series is to replace him with Zac Efron as Captain Jack.

Zac Efron in the movie Baywatch

Zac Efron’s career has been something of a mixed bag. He recently received acclaim for his turn in the movie The Greatest Showman, but right before that he co-starred in the critically reviled movie version of Baywatch. He’s a talented performer, but Johnny Depp leaves big shoes to fill.

The Pirates prequel show would follow the young Captain Jack Sparrow around the world on various treasure-hunting adventures. Where the sequel movies failed, there may be potential here for this to work.

Pirates of the Caribbean Series #2

If it makes it to screen, the early in development second Pirates of the Caribbean series will go a totally different direction. This one would star a female lead.

Jumanji star Karen Gillan is one of the people being looked at to star. She’s no stranger to high-profile, swashbuckling television. She got her start as a companion on Doctor Who.

Emma Watson

Word is that they are now also looking at Emma Watson as a potential series lead. She seems like a less obvious fit. Since Harry Potter she’s been involved mostly in more subdued dramas and hasn’t shown a lot of interest in doing action projects, as any Pirates of the Caribbean show would almost certainly be. It’s hard to imagine her in a sword fight, but she’s regarded as a good actor and a big name thanks to the world of Harry Potter, so it’s easy understand why Disney might be considering her.

This is the way.

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