WandaVision: New Trailer Revealed

By Rick Gonzales


With Marvel’s Phase 3 firmly in our rear view (thank you for the amazing finale Avengers: Endgame!) Marvel has turned its sights to Phase 4. Marvel’s Phase 3 covered 10 films with the keyword being “films”. Phase 4 is going to see a change in how Marvel presents its material, going both the big and small screen routes. One of the small screen additions via Disney+ is the highly anticipated WandaVision.


Here’s the latest trailer for WandaVision

WandaVision will take place during different eras and apparently, be structured as though the characters are living inside a sitcom. So it makes sense that the series’ promotional team would deliver a look at Wanda and Vision on TVs throughout the ages. Here they are…

The first ever trailer for WandaVision is here, and it’s incredible. Watch it below…

Here’s the first poster released for Marvel’s WandaVision




WandaVision was originally set to premiere on Disney+ in the spring of 2021. Now though, Disney has moved up the date.

In a conference call with investors Disney head Bob Iger revealed that WandaVision will arrive on Disney+ in December of 2020. Also known is that like all the other Disney+ Marvel series, WandaVision has a six-episode series order.


WandaVision stars

One of Marvel’s favorite pairings is set to return for WandaVision. Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany’s Vision are both back to reprise their big-screen roles. The last time we saw the Scarlet Witch she was taking on the big baddie Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. The last time we saw Vision was in Avengers: Infinity War he perished not once, but twice. The first time it was at the hands of Scarlet Witch as she had to remove the Infinity Stone from Visions head. She did this only to see Thanos rewind time and pull the Infinity Stone himself from Vision’s head.

Disney’s D23 Expo was the first WandaVision reveal. After Marvel president Kevin Feige announced Olsen and Bettany, he followed that with adding three more major players joining WandaVision, two of whom already have a Marvel presence: Kat Dennings (Darcy the intern in the Thor movies) and Randall Park (Parole officer Jimmy Woo in Ant-Man and the Wasp) will appear in the series.

Kathryn Hahn (Step Brothers, Bad Moms) is the Marvel newcomer joining WandaVision. Her character has been described as the “nosey neighbor.” Feige confirmed at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con that a Captain Marvel character, Monica Rambeau who was a child in that movie, will appear as a grown-up Monica and Teyonah Parris (Dear White People, Point Break) will play her.


Scene from the trailer

Matt Shakman (Game of Thrones) is bringing his series directing experience to WandaVision. Shakman has also helmed episodes of The Boys, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Grace and Frankie among the many shows he’s worked on.

WandaVision does have a Marvel vet on board. Jac Schaeffer, co-writer of Captain Marvel and the upcoming Black Widow, picks up the pen as the series writer and also serves as the showrunner.



Speaking about WandaVision Feige told the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s unlike anything we’ve done before.”

Elizabeth Olsen told San Diego Comic-Con fans, “It’s going to get weird.” Paul Bettany added at the same event, “Last thing I knew, I died in Infinity War, so I literally have never been this confused in front of this many people in my whole life.”

Vision plot from a comic
Vision Comic By Tom King

The storyline and overall premise of WandaVision is being kept a secret. Footage shown at D23 seems to confirm the overall comments by the series stars and Marvel chief. The footage was a mixture of MCU scenes and The Dick Van Dyke Show. The ‘50s vibe the footage gave is leading many to speculate the storyline will follow Marvel Comic’s The Vision series penned by Tom King. In the comic, Vision attempts to create an android family in a 1950s setting with things not going as planned. Feige and the stars kept up with the ‘50s notion by describing the show as part classic sitcom mixed with Marvel blockbuster.

Powering Up Wanda

Wanda as Scarlett Witch

One thing we do know for certain about the series is that it will play a big role in the Marvel universe going forward. Apparently WandaVision will help set up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Elizabeth Olsen is set to co-star in that movie.

We also know that WandaVision will be the first place Wanda will start using her Scarlett Witch moniker. She’s just been Wanda, throughout all her previous Avengers appearances. It may also be that in WandaVision she’ll finally come into her own as one of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes.

When asked who Marvel’s most powerful superhero is, Marvel head Kevin Feige used to say Captain Marvel, but more recently he had this to say, “Well, I think it’s interesting if you look at Endgame, Wanda Maximoff was going to kill Thanos. If he hadn’t desperately – that was as scared as I’ve seen Thanos. And if he hadn’t said, ‘Decimate my entire team to get her off of me,’ I think she would have done it.”

Powering Up The Vision

The Vision

Given that the last time we saw him The Vision was dead, he’s likely to go through a lot of changes. He might even have new powers.

Apparently they had more powers planned for him, even in Avengers: Infinity War. The movie had released a deleted scene which shows Vision displaying the gruesome and horrifying ability to reach inside an enemy’s chest and rip out his heart. That scene has since been deleted from the internet.

It’s easy to understand why the directors of Avengers: Infinity War might have ultimately decided this was too gruesome for the tone of the film they were going for. Still it’s a pretty cool move and one that makes total sense given Vision’s power set. Will WandaVision give us more like this?


Olsen and Bettany

This is the question driving many to drink: If Vision was killed by Thanos pre-Snap in Avengers: Infinity War, then HOW is Vision still alive in WandaVision? Theories abound. Let’s see which, if any, make sense.

Time Travel. This one seems the simplest of answers as time travel was introduced in Avengers: Endgame. If the Avengers can go back into the past to take care of Thanos then why can’t Wanda go back pre-snap and save Vision? Of course, there are always complications in-store when going back in the past to save someone. It could play into the ‘50s storyline if Wanda were to travel back and then instead of bringing Vision to the present, they go back to the ‘50s, hoping to live their lives in secret. It would then stand to reason that Vision would take his human form, again setting up the sitcom motif for WandaVision.

WandaVision twins theory
Scarlet Witch and Her Twins

Super powers. Another theory is that fans finally get to see the full abilities of the Scarlet Witch. Altering reality in some way, shape or form could play into why Vision has returned. The comics have dealt with this version before as it had Wanda create a family for her and Vision. She created twin boys with superpowers, Wiccan and Speed. In fact, rumors concerning Wiccan and Speed are gaining more and more ground as it’s been said that the series is currently casting for two babies, who presumably would be Wiccan and Speed. It is also thought that Wanda will lose control of this alternate reality leading the series into her appearance in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Both WandaVision plot theories are interesting and it’s possible a combination of the two prevailing theories could be true. Time will tell.



Nick Fury is currently the head of SHIELD and he’s been played brilliantly by Sam Jackson in nearly every Marvel movie. But Jackson is getting up in years and he can’t run SHIELD forever. So Marvel is planning his replacement, and she’ll be introduced in WandaVision.

Nick Fury’s replacement will reportedly be a character named Abigail Brand. Brand was introduced in Marvel Comics by Avengers director Joss Whedon. Whedon created her for an Astonishing X-Men comic he wrote in 2004 and she’s had life in other Marvel comics since then.

Abigail Brand

In the comics Abigail is the leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D. offshoot organization S.W.O.R.D., and SWORD is expected to play a role in the events of WandaVision. It should start easing us into Abigail Brand as a character.

That doesn’t mean Nick Fury will be replaced right away. Sam Jackson is expected to play Nick for at least a few more movies. But things are in motion to ease him out of the Marvel universe and into retirement, when the time is right, with his replacement ready to step in.



With six-episodes on the series slate, does that mean WandaVision is done after only six installments? Granted the series won’t premiere until 2021, but inquiring minds do wish to know.

Heroes Kiss
Wanda and Vision kiss in Avengers: Infinity War

Unfortunately, because of what happens in the series, it doesn’t look like a second season of WandaVision is even a possibility. During the series promotion at the D23 Expo, the two stars were asked by TV Guide if they would be returning for a second season. Olsen told the outlet that she “didn’t think it would make sense.”

Both agreed that if asked, they would certainly return for a second season. Bettany added, “I agree with what she said, but we’re always ready to come back.”

Look for WandaVision on Disney+ in the Spring of 2021. Watch here for more details on the show as they emerge.

Kat Dennings On Shooting With An Injury

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings recently revealed that she has an ankle injury which makes it difficult for her to run. So when she signed on to WandaVision and found out there was a scene where she needed to run, she let the producers know and they set up a stunt double to do the running for her.

Then the day of shooting rolled around and this is what happened, according to Kat…

So, just before this, I was doing something, and I had hurt my ankle a couple years ago real bad, and I was in a boot for twelve weeks. There was a scene where I’m running through a field, and I get to the night shoot, and there’s no stunt on the call sheet, and I’m like ‘I wonder if they don’t have a stunt cause we talked about this months ago and it’s probably forgotten.’ So, I brought it up. They’re like ‘Oh, hmmm.’ I was like ‘hmmm.’ Well, I was like, ‘here is the thing. I’ll do it. I can’t guarantee my ankle will make it to tomorrow.’ [laughs] But they were like ‘no problem.’ They got someone to come in. We shot other stuff first, and then they got a stunt woman to come in, and she did it, and it was great. That’s the first time I’ve said that only because I was like, ‘You guys don’t know what’s going to happen.’

Note to Hollywood: Don’t make Kat Dennings run!

Evan Peters In The Cast

Evan Peters

The entertainment news website Murphy’s Multiverse has learned that Evan Peters is in the cast of WandaVision in what they describe as a “mystery role”. X-Men fans will no doubt recall that Peters memorably played Quicksilver in the X-Men movies.

In the Avengers universe though, Quicksilver has appeared already and been killed off. In his one appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron he was portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Quicksilver is Wanda’s brother and it’s likely the WandaVision series will involve the multi-verse. So it is possible that she could somehow bring in an alternate version of her brother from a different univerese and have him end up being Peters’ version of Quicksilver. It’s more likely, however, that Evan Peters has simply been cast as an entirely different character.

That said, I’d love to see Peters’ version of Quicksilver replace the Aaron Taylor-Johnson version. Evans’ take on the character was infinitely better than anything we saw from Quicksilver in Age of Ultron.