See The New Batwing From The Flash Up Close

The new Batwing in The Flash has been spotted in the trailer.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

All things considered, it’s a pretty good time to be a Batman fan. That’s because the recent trailer for The Flash gave us plenty of awesome bat-content, including seeing Ben Affleck reprise his role as the Caped Crusader in a very different costume. And since Batman is nothing without his toys, we really enjoyed drooling over our early glimpses of the new Batwing in this Flash trailer.

Above, we see the sleek craft flying away from an explosion. This serves as a reminder that the Batwing helps Batman to keep up with fast heroes like Flash and the new Supergirl. However, they can still obviously outrun or outfly the plane as need be (sorry, Batman fans).

Here, we see a glimpse of the Batwing in the Batcave. Honestly, one of the most exciting moments in the trailer was seeing Michael Keaton reprise his role as the 1989 Batman. And we’re looking forward to seeing more of him and more of the Batwing when The Flash finally releases.

Think of this glimpse of the Batwing in The Flash trailer as a glimpse of things to come. Here, we see Supergirl flying alongside Batman. While these are superheroes from worlds potentially very different from the DCU, we can’t help but get excited about similar shots in future movies once the final DCU casting for Superman and Batman is announced.

While Supergirl looks super goofy in this image, this picture does give us our best look yet at the new Batwing in this trailer for The Flash. Honestly, it looks like a refreshing return to the basics for this design. And returning to basics means taking some cues from the DC films that came before.

Most audiences who don’t read comics first became aware of the Batwing back in the 1989 Batman film. This design was very minimalist, essentially turning Batman’s logo into a flying craft (something he cheekily took advantage of at one point by flying in front of the moon and recreating his symbol). It looks like the Batwing in The Flash trailer takes most of its visual cues from this film, the same as Batman: The Animated Series did, which is more than some of the later movies can say.

Here, we see the Batwing in The Dark Knight Rises. In keeping with Christopher Nolan’s desire for more realistic designs, this ship looks less like a bat and more like a rejected design for a military surveillance craft. Frankly, we’re glad that the Batwing in The Flash trailer looks nothing like this one.

Before we saw the Batwing in this trailer for The Flash, our most recent example of this flying vehicle came from the DCEU films. This ship was obviously a compromise between the sleek aesthetics of the 1989 film and the blockier, more realistic aesthetics of Christopher Nolan. As a result, it looks better than Nolan’s flying tank but looks very little like a bat.

In terms of design, the Batwing we see in this trailer for The Flash is likely to make fans quite happy. What is less clear is whether the movie will leave us longing for older DC content or hungry for the next round of movies. Ultimately, we won’t know the answer until this ambitious superhero film flies into theaters on June 16.