Netflix Has A Secret Satanic Stories Section With Amazingly Scary Movies

By Steven Nelson | Updated

Netflix has a number of secret code sections within the platform that offer folks a way to really drill down into every genre one could hope to imagine. There’s Scammers & Schemers, High Brow Horror, and much more. Plus, they even have a Satanic Stories section with everything from the underworld that might have just made it into our world by accident.

The Pope’s Exorcist

russell crowe

The Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix is not your average Friday-night Satanic horror flick. Imagine Vatican City, the heart of Catholicism, holding a deep and sinister secret. This gripping thriller unveils the tale of Father Matteo, the Pope’s personal exorcist, played with captivating intensity.

When unusual and dark events start occurring within the sacred walls, Father Matteo (Russell Crowe) is summoned to confront an evil that’s been lurking for centuries.

From hallowed chambers to the catacombs beneath, the film takes viewers on a suspenseful journey, blending religious lore with spine-chilling horror. Each exorcism reveals a layer of conspiracy, making one question faith, power, and the very essence of evil.

Dive into The Pope’s Exorcist on Netflix, where sacred rituals meet unspeakable terror. Prepare to be blessed with fear, because when the devil knocks on the Vatican’s door, all hell breaks loose. Amen to that!

The Babysitter

satanic stories netflix

Buckle up, dear Netflix bingers, because if you’re scrolling through the “Satanic Stories” section and stumble upon The Babysitter, you’re in for one hellishly fun ride! Directed by McG, this horror-comedy brings every teen’s worst nightmare to life – discovering that your smoking hot babysitter is part of a demonic cult. 

Samara Weaving delivers a devilishly delightful performance as Bee, the titular babysitter, who seems perfect on the surface. But as the night unfolds, young Cole (Judah Lewis) learns that she has some unholy intentions, and it’s not just about stealing from the cookie jar.

With a blend of wicked humor, gory rituals, and more than a few unexpected twists, The Babysitter is the kind of movie that makes you laugh, scream, and question your past babysitters’ intentions.

Dive into this sinfully entertaining treat on Netflix, but maybe keep the lights on – just in case. And remember, always check your babysitter’s references… especially if they’re in the “Satanic Stories” section.

The Seventh Day

satanic stories netflix

For those who find exorcisms and demonic possessions a delightful way to spend an evening, The Seventh Day on Netflix is right up your haunted alley. This chilling horror dives deep into the world of exorcism but with a twist – it’s the rookie’s first day on the job, and things are bound to go south.

Guy Pearce stars as Father Peter, a seasoned exorcist, tasked with mentoring a young priest in the art of confronting and expelling pure evil.

As they venture into the dark corners of a young boy’s soul, they confront not just the demons lurking within, but also those of their own pasts. The tension is palpable, the scares are genuine, and Pearce’s performance is nothing short of electrifying.

When the lines between good and evil begin to blur, who will be the savior and who will be the damned?

Stream The Seventh Day on Netflix, where every day is a good day for an exorcism, but the seventh day? Well, that’s when things truly get unholy.

Little Evil

satanic stories netflix

Ever thought of marrying the love of your life and then discovering that your stepchild might be the Antichrist? Welcome to Little Evil on Netflix, a horror-comedy that devilishly reimagines the step-parenting experience. 

Directed by Eli Craig, this laugh-out-loud film stars Adam Scott as Gary, the optimistic newlywed, who’s slowly realizing that his stepson, Lucas, isn’t just going through a moody phase – he may be harboring some truly sinister powers.

With a talking goat, a demonic toy, and a group therapy for stepdads that’s hilariously out-of-the-ordinary, Little Evil toys with familiar horror tropes while injecting its unique brand of humor. Bridget Everett and Evangeline Lilly round out the cast, bringing added layers of wit and charm. 

So, if you’re in the mood for a film where the line between satanic rituals and child-rearing gets hilariously blurry, fire up Netflix and dive into Little Evil. Parenting was never supposed to be easy, but demonic stepchildren? That’s a whole other beast!