Millie Bobby Brown Getting A Stranger Things Solo Spinoff, Our Scoop Confirmed

By Michileen Martin | 5 seconds ago

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Pretty soon, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) of Stranger Things is going to be rediscovering her past and her abilities all on her own.

As reported by Deadline, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos stopped just short of completely confirming that Millie Bobby Brown was getting her own solo series spinning out of Stranger Things. When the subject of franchises came up at the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, Sarandos said that while he liked franchises, “what you want are hits.” He followed that up by referring to Stranger Things as “a franchise being born.”

Sarandos didn’t mention Millie Bobby Brown specifically, but word of Eleven heading her own spin-off series has been in the wind for a while now. In fact, in July one of our trusted and proven sources gave us the scoop that Netflix was preparing to officially announce the spin-off series soon, which could explain why Sarandos feels much more comfortable mentioning it in public.

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Which naturally leads to the question of exactly what Millie Bobby Brown’s spin-off series will be about. One possibility is that it will have a lot to do with Eleven’s past when she was a test subject under the care of Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine). In spite of appearing to have been killed by the Demogorgon in Season 1 of Stranger Things, the twisted scientist appears in the one of the teaser trailers for Season 4 in what seems to be a flashback to Eleven’s captivity. So the spin-off could be either a prequel or, at least, something that heavily references her past.

A hint towards another possibility may be found in the second season of Stranger Things. In Season 2, Millie Bobby Brown’s character finds out she has a “sister.” Given the number 8 in Brenner’s lab, Kali (Linnea Berthelsen) was able to escape her captors not long after Eleven did. Eleven leaves Hawkins to find Kali in Chicago, where she lives with Kali and her gang of runaways for a time. It could be there are other people like Kali out in the world — runaways with abilities taken advantage of by Dr. Brenner or others like him. An Eleven solo series might see the character looking for her other “siblings,” and perhaps even fighting to free them from the kinds of labs where she was raised.

Whatever leads to the events of the spin-off will probably unfold in the upcoming Season 4 of Stranger Things, but so far at least one thing seems certain — assuming it’s not meant to be a prequel, Millie Bobby Brown’s solo series will likely take place outside of Hawkins. Otherwise, it would seem strange for Eleven to be in the same small town while not regularly interacting with other Stranger Things regular characters.

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Unless, of course, Millie Bobby Brown’s solo series does take place in Hawkins, but in the other Hawkins — i.e. the Hawkins of the Upside Down. After all, besides the obvious — that it’s a good idea to not interact with anything from the place — we still know precious little about the Upside Down. Perhaps Eleven’s solo story could find Stranger Things‘ most powerful hero delving into its most dangerous setting.

Regardless of what we can expect from from Millie Bobby Brown’s spin-off, Stranger Things is set to return some time in 2022