Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Teases Millie Bobby Brown’s Origin Story

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

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We have the first Stranger Things season four trailer from Netflix. This time, we’re focusing on Eleven’s past. When the show started, we learned a little about what happened to Millie Bobby Brown’s character before the show, but there are still so many questions about her past. In just a one-minute peek, you’ll want to be dying to see the new season. Take a look below.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the creepy man who made Eleven call him Papa, and even just from behind, he manages to stay alarming in this one-minute clip. The children laughing and playing games in the trailer, while dressed in hospital gowns, manages to grab onto that spooky 1980s horror vibe that Stranger Things loves to capture wherever it can. It seems we are flashing back to Eleven’s time at Hawkins Lab. Without even seeing Millie Bobby Brown at this point, we manage to think of her and know this is where her character came from.

One of the biggest notes in this trailer, of course, is just how many kids we’re seeing in this facility. While we explored the idea of more children with powers like Millie Bobby Brown’s character in season three, just how many more kids like her are out there? While playing games, the trailer shows off this panel of numbers as the pieces go in. This is a reminder that Eleven’s name is a number. She’s Eleven. We have met Eight (Kali) in season three, and a few others, but we still don’t know how many children have gone through Hawkins Lab. How high do those impersonal names go? While they’re only showing us low numbers here, are we going to be meeting a child named One-Hundred-Twenty-Seven in this new season? Because that would be a great way to mess everyone up.

Netflix Stranger Things 4

The camera pans down the hallway while Papa is talking to the children, who answer in chorus. While it’s hard to read what it says on the other doors, they must all be numbers. We start to hear the familiar sound of Millie Bobby Brown, panting in terror, as we pan toward a door with the number 11 written on the front. Then, Papa asks, “Eleven, are you listening?” and we see a shot of Eleven’s eyes flashing open. This must be an old shot, because she looks to be the same age she was at the beginning of the show, which confirms that this scene is a flashback and Eleven hasn’t been recaptured (at least, not as far as this trailer is showing us).

Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things 4 Trailer

What in the world are we going to learn about Millie Bobby Brown’s character and her origins this time around? If you’re a Stranger Things fan, it may be difficult to wait to find out. Unfortunately, we can only guess when Netflix may drop the fourth season. Unlike other studios, Netflix rarely tells us a release date for their original projects. In the past, we’ve seen some of the seasons release during October. However, the third season was delayed, and so it dropped in July 2019. With this first trailer giving us a peek, maybe Netflix will release the next season in July? It’s anyone’s guess.