Michelle Rodriguez Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With Avatar

Michelle Rodriguez doesn't want her Avatar character to return from the dead.

By Jessica Goudreault | Published

It’s official, action-star Michelle Rodriguez will not be coming back from the dead—again. When director James Cameron suggested that they could bring her character, Trudy Chacón, from Avatar back to life, she said it would be overkill, according to Variety. To be clear, this is the Avatar with the blue Na’vi creatures, not The Last Airbender.

Michelle Rodriguez is against bringing her character back from the dead because she’s already done that with three separate characters in three different movies.

One of her early characters, Rain Ocampo, died in the first Resident Evil, but came back to life as a clone for the fifth installment of the franchise: Resident Evil: Retribution. In Machete, her character, Luz, died but returned for the sequel Machete Kills, this time rocking an eye patch. And, of course, her Fast and Furious franchise character, Letty, was killed in the fourth installment, Fast & Furious, but came back from the dead in Fast & Furious 6, with some of her memory missing.

So, it’s no surprise that Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t want another one of her characters to come back from the dead. In addition, her Avatar character died in an honorable way: revolting against her own people to save the Na’vi during the war on Pandora, when she was tragically gunned down in her helicopter by Colonel Miles Quaritch. To bring her back to life after that could diminish her character’s act of selflessness and the respect her character so valiantly earned.

Michelle Rodriguez as Trudy in Avatar

Even though Michelle Rodriguez opted out of bringing her Avatar character back to life, two characters from the first film were still brought back to life in Avatar: The Way of Water. In the first Avatar, Sigourney Weaver’s character, Dr. Grace Augustine, was shot and killed by Colonel Miles Quaritch, who was later killed at the hands of Sam Worthington’s character, Jake Sully. Both characters made a shocking return to the film franchise in Avatar: Way of Water, seemingly being brought back from the dead.

While Michelle Rodriguez’s Avatar character will remain dead, she has plenty more characters that are alive and well. She just debuted in her role as Holga in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and she will continue in her iconic role as Letty in the tenth, and perhaps final, Fast and Furious film, Fast X. And at only 44 years old, Michelle Rodriguez will likely take on many more roles in her long and prosperous career.

The Avatar series will continue to thrive, as James Cameron has planned at least three more films in the successful franchise. After the first film earned the title of the highest-grossing film of all time (at $2.9 billion), and Avatar: The Way of Water is hot on its heels at the third highest-grossing film of all time (at $2.3 billion), it’s no wonder they will keep going. It will be interesting to see how many more characters the franchise will bring back to life throughout the five films.