A Dungeons and Dragons Star Had To Hide From Insane Fans

Rege-Jean Page was ambushed by fans while filming Dungeons & Dragons in Ireland.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Rege-Jean Page

For many celebrities, one of the most difficult parts of their fame to handle is being ambushed by fans in public and coping with the lack of anonymity that’s thrust upon them. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rege-Jean Page was taken by surprise when he arrived in Belfast to film Dungeons & Dragons after the success of Bridgerton had become apparent. The actor gracefully explained the transition from being a relatively unknown actor to more or less being an overnight sensation on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on March 14, 2023.

Rege-Jean Page recounts how he arrived in Northern Ireland to film, how there was a competition on the radio for fans to find him, and how he didn’t know how to handle all of the attention he was receiving. At that point in his career, he was used to doing his thing on the set and then maintaining a relatively anonymous life between filming runs. The Bridgerton star opened up to Colbert over this sudden shift in celebrity status, stating that at first, he was very overwhelmed by all of the attention, but then he figured he might as well count his blessings.

It’s apparent that Rege-Jean Page is humble and appreciative of his fans, but at first, he didn’t know how to handle the culture shock of being sought after during his personal time, stating,

“I just kind of holed up in the hotel for like two, three months. I just basically didn’t leave my room. So, it’s a bit of a mixed blessing, like, ‘Y’all are lovely and give me lots and lots of attention,’ and, ‘Y’all are lovely and give me lots and lots of attention.’”

There’s no doubt that Rege-Jean Page’s interview with Colbert conjured up images of the Beatles film, A Hard Day’s Night, which found the band running from droves of screaming fans between shows and press appearances. While there could be a dark side to losing your private sense of self in the public eye, Page now seems more than ready to give the people what they want. Even though the Mortal Engines star was daunted by the task at first, it’s apparent that he’s become comfortable with his role as both an actor and a public figure.

Just like anything else in life, being in the public eye for all to see is a hard pill to swallow and does require a bit of practice to figure out where you belong. But in the case of Rege-Jean Page, he’s more than welcoming to his enthusiastic fans, stating, “I’m still kind of learning how to navigate kind of with grace because you want to meet people, and you want to share in the joy that you give people. That’s the reason you do the job.”

By the looks of it, Rege-Jean Page has the right attitude toward his relationship with the general public after his career was taken to new heights. He goes on to explain that putting out an entertainment product on TV is a communal experience, and the people that approach him have been very kind to him; he was welcomed by enthusiastic fans upon arrival to Belfast, and his gratitude to his fans is authentic, to say the least.

Rege-Jean Page’s career had humble beginnings, taking on small roles in short films such as 2004’s Troublemaker, and he eventually worked his way up to recurring television roles like 2018’s For the People. However, it was not until his portrayal of Simon Basset in the romance series Bridgerton that he became internationally famous. Though his sudden worldwide fame caught him by surprise while filming Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves in Ireland, the star has a healthy attitude toward his newfound celebrity status, and he’s more than welcoming to his fans in his travels.

Though if you see him trying to enjoy a sip of piping hot of coffee at a cafe, maybe don’t try to ambush him from behind!