Matrix Animated Series Happening At Netflix?

A new rumor says Netflix wants to create a Matrix animated series for fans.

By Faith McKay | Updated

The Matrix

Netflix hasn’t been afraid of partnering up with other studios, bringing franchises back, and doing a lot of interesting things to create content for existing fanbases. According to insider Daniel Richtman, their next big idea is to see if Warner Bros. is up for doing a Matrix animated series. Painfully, this is all the insider has shared with his Patreon page at this point, which is just enough information to make fans desperate for more information. Would either of the Wachowskis be involved? Where would it happen in the timeline? Would anyone from The Animatrix be involved? The questions here are things to get excited about.

We were first introduced to The Matrix in 1999. The sibling writer and director team behind the movie, the Wachowskis, weren’t afraid to explore their world in a different format. By 2003, they’d already created a Matrix animated series: The Animatrix. The anime was a collection of nine short films. Some of them were prequels and some took place at the same time as the live-action movies. There was a lot of room for debate on whether these animated shorts were better than the live-action sequels. Fans were torn on either side. The most important takeaway from The Animatrix is that there is already a fanbase that loves a Matrix animated series. If Netflix is looking to make one, the opportunity is definitely there. Would Warner Bros., the studio that currently owns the rights to The Matrix universe, want to play ball?

Right now may be the perfect time for Netflix to start working on a Matrix animated series. The Matrix 4 was delayed due to the pandemic, as many productions were. However, the movie is currently scheduled to release December 22, 2021. The Matrix 4 is part of the deal Warner Bros. made where they are releasing their movies to streaming on HBO Max at the same time they hit theaters, so fans will be at home streaming Keanu Reeves on their TVs later this year if the release date holds steady. 

matrix animated series

While it’s unclear how a Matrix animated series on Netflix would necessarily benefit that release of The Matrix 4, the live-action movie streaming on HBO Max could easily help send hungry fans to Netflix for the animated series, particularly if they managed to release the animated series shortly after the new live-action movie comes out on HBO Max.

If Richtman is right, the current concern at Netflix is getting the rights to create a Matrix animated series from Warner Bros. However, if they do so, will Netflix prioritize hiring on the right talent? Would an animated series be worth watching if one of the Wachowski sisters is not involved? On The Animatrix, both siblings were involved in the series. On The Matrix 4, only Lana Wachowski is working on the film. Lilly Wachowski hasn’t been working as much in Hollywood in recent years, though did sign on for the television series Work In Progress. She says that The Matrix 4 has her blessing, but her heart doesn’t seem to be in science-fiction stories anymore.

Would Lana Wachowski want to work on a Matrix animated series for Netflix? And would Netflix be prioritizing her involvement on the project? These are big questions, possibly too big when this is still only a rumor, however they’re questions many fans will want answers to if Netflix moves forward.