The Matrix 4: All About The New Sequel

By Brent McKnight | 4 weeks ago

We’re more than 16 years removed from 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, what many people assumed would be the final films in the Keanu Reeves-led saga of Neo versus the machines. But while many of us didn’t think it was going to happen, we’re getting The Matrix 4.

We’re still in the very early stages of the game. The behind-the-scenes folks are casting and writing and basically assembling the whole project. Information has seeped out here and there as the process rolls steadily along.

So, who’s in? Who’s out? When does this all happen? What’s it about? Here’s everything we know about The Matrix 4 so far.

Morpheus in The Matrix

The Matrix 4’s Director

More than just about any franchise, The Matrix is synonymous with its co-directors, Lana and Lilly Wachowski. The sisters have worked as a duo their entire careers, from their first feature Bound all the way through the first season of their Netflix series, Sense8. It’s hard to imagine a new Matrix movie without their involvement and we won’t have to. At least not entirely.

When it comes to The Matrix 4, Lana will take the helm solo. While this marks her first feature directing without Lilly, it’s not the first time she’s been by herself in the big chair. Lilly took a hiatus from the entertainment business in 2016. Though the sisters collaborated on the first season of Sense8, Lana handled all of the writing and directing duties for season two on her own.

We will have to wait to see how, if at all, this decision impacts The Matrix 4. Will we be able to spot the differences in a Lana Wachowski film versus a film by the Wachowskis? Only time will tell.

Matrix Neo and Trinity

The Matrix 4’s Returning Cast Members

We’ve seen reboots, revamps, or whatever you want to call long-after-the-fact sequels arrive in a variety of ways. Mad Max: Fury Road recast the lead role with Tom Hardy, which worked like gangbusters. But we’ve also seen films that focus on new characters, like Men In Black International, which busted no gangs.

Fortunately, The Matrix 4 plans to bring back a number of key pieces. Chief among them, Keanu Reeves. It wouldn’t be a Matrix movie with Neo—he is the One, after all—so thank whatever deity you prefer that we won’t have to find out what that looks like. The star is on board to reprise one of his signature roles and probably don a lot of black clothes and a pair of dark sunglasses in the process.

Keanu Reeves isn’t the only logging back into the Matrix, however. It’s almost impossible to imagine a Matrix movie without Neo, but it’s also hard to envision one without Trinity. Carrie-Anne Moss will return to the franchise in The Matrix 4 as Neo’s love interest, partner in crime, protector, and general sci-fi badass.

In addition to the central pair, Jada Pinkett Smith is also in talks to return. If she signs on, which seems increasingly likely, she’ll reprise her role as the pilot Niobe. At the moment, she’s the only other cast member confirmed to return besides Reeves and Moss, though no one would be surprised to see other actors jump at the chance to jack back in.

Matrix 4 code

The Matrix 4’s New Actors

While we’ll see some familiar faces in The Matrix 4, we will also meet new characters along the way. There are sure to be more additions, but already a trio of new performers have signed onto the film.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is a star on the rise, and The Matrix 4 adds yet another high-profile role to his resume. Currently on HBO’s Watchmen, he also plays Black Manta in Aquaman and showed up in The Greatest Showman and Jordan Peele’s Us, among many others. We’ll see him soon in the Candyman reboot as well as playing Bobby Seale in The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Another new player is Jessica Henwick. Like Abdul-Mateen, she is also no stranger to comic book movies, large-scale production, or up-tempo action. She’s probably best known for playing Nymeria Sand on Game of Thrones and Colleen Wing in Marvel’s Iron Fist and The Defenders. Before she battles the machines, she’ll tangle with a couple of other monsters in Godzilla vs. Kong.

NPH in Matrix 4
Neil Patrick Harris in Starship Troopers

Perhaps the most curious new addition is Neil Patrick Harris. Most known for his comedy chops in sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother, the former child star has shown off more dramatic skills in the likes of Gone Girl. The Matrix 4 won’t be the noted song-and-dance man’s first foray into sci-fi, however, you may remember him from a little movie called Starship Troopers.

Right now, there are no details about who any of these actors will play or what roles they’ll fill. Though it’s being kept under wraps, NPH’s part has been described as being significant. It’d be fun to see him go against type and play an agent. It’s also not hard to imagine him in a role like the Oracle or Architect, a guide or program the heroes track down or meet on their journey.

With a movie of this scale, you can bet there will be plenty of more additions to the cast before we’re through. As The Matrix 4 ramps up toward production, expect to hear more news on this front.

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix 4

The Plot Of The Matrix 4

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there aren’t many details about The Matrix 4 available for public consumption yet. Sure it’s a Matrix movie, so it’s safe to assume it will involve, you know, the Matrix and machines and all that good stuff. Since Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are back, most of us presume we’ll see Neo and Trinity. But that’s about all we know.

One persistent rumor making the rounds is that the production is looking at actors to play a young version of Morpheus, Laurence Fishburne’s character from the original trilogy. This could hint that the film is a prequel or takes place in an alternate timeline. Then again, maybe he only shows up in flashbacks or memories.

People also have questions about where the plot might go following the events of The Matrix Revolutions. Though the movie leaves his fate somewhat ambiguous, Neo basically dies, at least in some form. He meets an end fighting Agent Smith in the Matrix, then his body is taken to the Machine City. There he reaches new stages of enlightenment, transcends the need for physical form… or something. Again, his ultimate end is a matter of debate, but for all intents and purposes, Neo, as we knew him, is gone. Trinity is also dead.

What does all of this mean for The Matrix 4? As usual, there the internet has theories.

Are they going to retcon the ending of Revolutions out of the picture? That seems unlikely. However, since the Matrix rebooted at the end of Revolutions, it wouldn’t be too difficult to skirt some of these issues and take the narrative in one of countless directions.

This also isn’t the first time Neo died. His heart does stop beating in The Matrix before Trinity’s declaration of love jolts him back to life. There are a myriad ways the script could bring him back.

It’s also possible the Neo we see in The Matrix 4 might not be the same Neo we knew. He is the One, but he’s not the first. Talking with the Architect, Neo learns there have been five previous versions of the Matrix. In each, there has been some version of the One and he’s actually the sixth of these messiah figures. As noted, at the end of Revolutions, the Matrix reboots again. It stands to reason that if each previous incarnation has a One, the seventh will as well. That could be the Neo in the new film.

Though Keanu Reeves is returning to the franchise, there’s no word on how big a role he’ll play. It’s possible he’s not the protagonist. Some theorize that Young Morpheus could be the lead and Neo might play a mentor role. If this does, in fact, take place in a new version of the Matrix, where everything has started over from scratch, this could be plausible.

These are just a few ideas, theories, and possibilities that people have come up with. Some sound interesting, some sound believable, but right now, we don’t know much concretely.

Blue Pill and Red Pill

The Matrix 4’s Writers

The Matrix is truly the brainchild of the Wachowskis. The sisters directed all three previous Matrix movies and they also wrote them. This time, as she is with the directing, Lilly is sitting it out when it comes to writing the script. For the first time in the saga, Lana will be the only Wachowski with a writing credit. She won’t, however, undertake this endeavor alone.

David Mitchell and Aleksander Hemon will help hash out the story. Both are most known as novelists, but this won’t be their first foray into movies or scripted dramas. Both previously worked with Lana on Sense8 in some capacity, as well as with each other.

A British writer, Mitchell is best known as the author of Cloud Atlas, which the Wachowski’s adapted in 2012. Additionally, he’s the author of eight other novels, including number9dream and The Bone Clocks. He teamed with Lana Wachowski on the second season of Sense8, contributing in both a plotting and scripting capacity. Along with Lana and Hemon, he also helped pen the Sense8 series finale.

Bosnian by birth, Hemon’s most notable works are the novels Nowhere Man (or collection of linked short stories, depending on who you ask) and The Lazarus Project. Like Mitchell, his film work is rather limited. Aside from his work on Sense8 and The Matrix 4, his only other credit is Love Island, a Bosnian romantic comedy.

Though neither Hemon nor Mitchell has a ton of screenwriting experience, both are known for using innovative storytelling techniques, unique structures, and big, sweeping, era-jumping narratives. Mitchell especially has a fascination with technology, but both create works full of sprawling themes and ideas. All of this seems to mesh perfectly with the philosophically minded action of The Matrix universe.

The Matrix 4 In Production

Word on the virtual streets is that filming of The Matrix 4 is scheduled to begin in February 2020 in Chicago. Outside of that, much remains up in the air.

The previous Matrix films were shot back-to-back in Australia. While the bulk of the production took place in Fox Studios in Sydney, they also made use of other locations. It stands to reason that, with a production of this scale, even if Chicago is the primary base of operations, there will be multiple others as well.

There’s no announced budget yet for The Matrix 4, but we assume it’s large. After all, these are massive, expansive stories full of innovative technology and that utilize tons of special effects. It’s also a well-known, well-loved IP, one that has proven very profitable.

The 1999 original had a rather restrained price tag of $63 million, but the subsequent sequels each cost $150 million. With the current cost of big studio tentpoles being what it is, we won’t be shocked if the final budget winds up around $200 million. That’s speculation, of course, but it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Then again, the Wachowskis’ past few movies haven’t been financially successful. Their last effort, Jupiter Ascending, was a box office flop. Before that, Cloud Atlas, despite critical acclaim, also struggled to find an audience in theaters. Despite The Matrix name and clout, the studio might be reluctant to write such a large check this time around and we could be looking at a more modestly budgeted project.

Matrix 4 release

When Will The Matrix 4 Be Released?

As with most information about The Matrix 4, there’s nothing solid to report about the release date. If production does begin in February 2020, it certainly seems possible that we could see it in theaters by 2021. But that might be pushing it.

If you check IMDb, the release date for The Matrix 4 is currently listed as 2022, and while far from official, that sounds most likely. This is sure to be a massive production with tons of moving parts. These things take time to film—the previous installments shot for six straight months, though they filmed two movies concurrently. And the Wachowskis are known to be meticulous and specific, so it’s unlikely Lana will rush things. There’s also post-production to consider. Editing, special effects, and all the rest, all of which gobbles up time.

Considering all of that, some time in 2022 as a release date for The Matrix 4 sounds realistic. That way the studio can also position the film for a prime release slot. A summer date, or around the holidays, seems like the most likely bets.

Matrix bullet dodge

Is The Matrix 4 A Reboot?

Since the original Matrix trilogy raked in north of $1.6 billion at the box office, there’s long been rumblings of more. Notably, in 2014, there were reports the studio planned a whole new trilogy that never materialized.

Most recently, in 2017, there was talk of a reboot. Creed and Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan was linked to the Neo role, while Zak Penn, screenwriter of Ready Player One and The Incredible Hulk, was on tap to write the script.

Again, nothing happened on that front. Given that The Matrix 4 is indeed happening and nearing production, that reboot is probably dead. It looks like the studio opted to add another chapter to the story rather than try to write the book again.

The Matrix 5 And Other Sequels

Given how the original trilogy unfolded, one question looms large: Is The Matrix 4 a one-off or will there be sequels? Is this the jumping-off point for a new series of films or a stand-alone feature?

As mentioned earlier, there was talk of a new trilogy a few years back. But right now, only the one movie has the green light. That’s what we know for sure. However, we also know how Hollywood works. If The Matrix 4 is a huge success, you can bet the studio will try to figure out ways to squeeze more movies, and more money, out of the franchise.

With the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other expansive franchises and shared movie worlds, it won’t be a surprise if we see more Matrix movies in the future.


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