Exclusive Matrix 4 Spoilers: Neo’s Ending Revealed

The ending for The Matrix 4 will see Neo in a whole new playing field.

By Faith McKay | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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When The Matrix trilogy ended, we thought that was it for the Keanu Reeves films. In 2021, fans know that anything can come back at any time. Enter: The Matrix 4. Neo had a character ending that felt pretty final. Now, he has a fresh beginning, and a new end coming his way. Thanks to one of our proven and trusted sources, we have learned what Neo’s ending will be in The Matrix 4.

The fourth installment will end with a tease for a sequel. We’re going to see that Neo is now in control of the Matrix. This news from our trusted source sounds like it going to mean the game has changed entirely and we will eventually explore new ground in the world. It also likely means that Neo’s story is coming full circle. Again, he will have a big destiny and burden on his shoulders. News of this ending for the fourth movie is interesting because it tells us that they’re thinking ahead about a fifth installment, but even more interesting because ending The Matrix 4 with a tease for the next one is a commitment to making that happen.

This is only speculation, our source was only able to confirm that a tease for another Matrix movie is at the ending of The Matrix 4. However, it feels safe to say that the studio is not just thinking about the fifth one, but actively planning on it. Or at least, they should be. They can’t back out from making the fifth one after coming out and showing that Neo (Keanu Reeves) is now in control of the Matrix. That would be terrible. Coming back after all this time, only to end with a tease for something that we don’t get to see, can’t be director Lana Wachowski’s plan. That may happen a lot at the end of seasons of Netflix shows, where they end on a cliffhanger with no promises for a second season, but Warner Bros. Discovery wouldn’t do that to us with a franchise that has been so big for them in the past.

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Does this mean only a Matrix 5, or should we expect that this means a sequel trilogy? It would be great to have the answers to that, but our source only confirmed that The Matrix 4 will end with a tease for a sequel, not that any are happening. We can only trust that this must mean The Matrix 5 will happen because it would be terrible to believe anything else. There’s no information to hint anything beyond a fifth installment, except for the way the studios seem intent on keeping successful franchises going for as long as possible.

Right now, we know that The Matrix 4 is going to be a very meta story. We learned that Neo will be working as a game developer, and will have created the first three Matrix stories as video games in the movie’s world. We also know that Keanu Reeves has hinted that this fourth installment will focus more on Neo and Trinity’s relationship, giving the film a heavier love story than we’ve seen in the past. That could make sense in the new beginning, given how the third film ended.

It sounds like The Matrix 4 is going to focus more on seeing Neo attempting to live as a regular person, with a job and a romantic relationship. Then, we’ll see that Neo has always been The One. He’s a character with a powerful destiny and link to the Matrix, and apparently, that’s going to continue for him in new ways in The Matrix 4. It would seem plausible that the story will see him go from someone with a very different life than we’ve seen in the past, a more normal one, and then reach a conclusion where he takes control of the Matrix and accepts realities about himself and his destiny, even in new contexts. Of course, this is only speculation about how it is that he gets from working as a game developer to being in control of the Matrix and teasing us with a sequel. We’ll have to see how this all truly comes together when the film releases on December 22, 2021, on both HBO Max and in theaters.